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CBD entourage effect: active components for effective CBD oil

Jun 08, 2020Mert Gokceimam

It only takes a quick look through our assortment to realize it’s not all about Cannabidiol (CBD) here. In fact, for effective CBD products like our signature 8% CBD oil, the product needs more than that cannabinoid alone. As the effectiveness of CBD oil really depends on what other ingredients the product holds - the synergy between the active components we call ‘the entourage-effect’.

Full Spectrum - Cannabinoids in Hemp

To understand the entourage effect, it is important to know what CBD oil actually is. Because although the name doesn’t show it, good oil contains more than just CBD. Cannabidiol obviously is the most important ingredient, considering we wouldn’t have ‘CBD’ oil without it. Though good CBD oil is made with hemp extracts that contain more than just that cannabinoid. So called ‘full-spectrum CBD oil’…

Hemp plants contain a wide variety of different active ingredients, of which the most important ones are categorized as cannabinoids and terpenes. And while CBD (and THC) are the best known cannabinoids in the world, it is believed there exist several hundreds of cannabinoids in hemp plants. With more than 150 cannabinoids identified today, there are still new cannabinoids being discovered on a regular basis! Other cannabinoids you might’ve heard of before are Cannabigerol (CBG, as present in our CBG oil), CBC and CBN; among others.


Although while some producers focus only on a high CBD level in their oil to advertise with; this is not the best way to increase the product’s efficacy. As it is a synergetic collaboration between all the cannabinoids present in hemp extracts and CBD oil, which produce the best effect on your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). This is what we call the ‘entourage-effect’, a well-known phenomenon in cannabinoid therapy and -supplements. So guess what we focus on?

Exactly! Our main focus is to produce CBD oil with the widest variety of cannabinoids possible. This ensures Dutch Natural Healing CBD oil is full spectrum and provides the best entourage-effect; so you can experience the maximum benefits on your health and overall well-being. This requires our full devotion and involvement, from the cultivation of our raw hemp material to filling the bottles of oil. Though cannabinoids are not the only ingredients needed to produce a strong entourage-effect. Besides these important molecules, the best entourage effect needs terpenes too.

Aromatic terpenes in CBD oil

Terpenes are the aromatic compounds that give cannabis and hemp varieties their distinct smell. In different compositions, terpenes as Myrceen, Limonene and Linalool - amongst others - produce aroma profiles or ‘terpene-profiles’. These terpene profiles are exact formulas that help identify various hemp varieties (cultivars or strains) - and a little bit more. As it is these terpenes that steer the therapeutic effect of cannabinoids in the body.

So actually, we could say terpenes are just as important or maybe even more important than cannabinoids for the efficacy of cannabinoid supplements. Logically, we therefor not only focus on the wide variety of cannabinoids in our CBD oil. But make sure our products are the richest in terpenes as well. Because the closer our CBD oil comes to the plant like nature intended, the stronger the entourage effect and overall efficacy of the product. Discover it yourself:

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