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CBD Aftershave & Body Gels

CBD Aftershave & Body Gels

CBD gels provide an alternative and natural skincare solution. High-quality hemp extract provides additional benefits to effective skincare, whether in the form of a soothing aftershave or cooling aftersun. Suitable for sensitive skin, our water-based CBD gels make a great addition to any skincare routine.

Natural skincare with CBD and Aloe Vera Meet the ultimate soothing and cooling body gel from Dutch Natural Healing. We've created a unique formula with CBD essential oils, al..
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Instant, natural healing for sunburnt skin This CBD Aftersun from Dutch Natural Healing is specially designed to soothe skin. Our unique formula uses natural, plant-based ing..
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Repair sensitive skin with our cooling CBD Aftershave Gel Our cooling CBD Aftershave Gel is luxurious and hydrating, bringing quick relief to sensitive skin. The water-based ..
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Our Water-Based CBD Gels

Our range of water-based CBD gels provides alternatives for a wide range of everyday skin products. Our CBD Aftersun Gel, for example, is an instantly cooling and repairing gel for sunburnt skin, while the CBD Body gel is great for daily use on dry skin.

We use organic, RAW-processed, full-plant hemp extract to create our CBD cosmetics. This gives our CBD gels the added benefit of containing a variety of cannabinoids and cannabinoid acids that help to deliver best results. 

Being water-based makes the products quick and easy to absorb. This means there is a high bioavailability of the active ingredients present in the product.

The benefits of applying CBD to the Skin

CBD offers incredible effects when applied to the skin. It can reduce skin irritation and redness, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, as well as helping with symptoms of conditions like psoriasis or eczema.

Studies have shown that the cannabinoids contained in CBD gels and creams can also help to slow down signs of ageing and have positive effects for acne sufferers. The powerful antioxidants contained in these multi-purpose products are also extremely hydrating and nourishing.

As our skin cells are full of cannabinoid receptors, when CBD is applied to the skin the cannabinoids can quickly reach the body’s endocannabinoid system. This means that the CBD can get to work quickly. 

Dutch Natural Healing’s CBD Body Gel

The CBD body gel from Dutch Natural Healing contains our unique CBD formula, aloe vera and other beneficial ingredients. Its properties include:

  • Extremely fast absorption
  • A combination of skin-neutral oils
  • Increases the natural balance of skin flora
  • Connects to the skin’s PH level

The water-based gel can help to soothe, cool and moisturise the skin, and is suitable for sensitive skin. Topical application directly on problem areas can relieve irritation and damage. 

Dutch Natural Healing’s CBD Aftersun Gel

Ease redness and pain with our CBD Aftersun Gel, which works to provide cooling and instant relief following sun exposure. The unique formula contains 250 mg of cannabidiol and is suitable for all skin types.

Our water-soluble CBD Aftersun Gel is absorbed quickly, boosting your endocannabinoid system, soothing sunburnt skin and helping to prevent further damage. 

Dutch Natural Healing’s CBD Aftershave Gel

Our CBD aftershave gel can help those with sensitive skin who have issues with shaving. The cooling, water-based gel is made with natural ingredients that can help to protect the skin from redness, rashes and discomfort. 

FAQs about CBD gel

What are the advantages of using CBD gel?

There are many advantages to using CBD gel. It provides a cooling sensation, effective relief for sensitive skin, and can help to provide lasting skin protection. It can also be used to soothe skin irritations, moisturise dry skin and help the healing of damaged skin.

Is oral or topical CBD better?

Oral CBD has more of a holistic effect on the body, while CBD that’s applied topically helps to target specific areas. Oral CBD can offer more potency because of the speed at which it enters the bloodstream, but topical CBD is very effective when it comes to skincare.

Can I use CBD for sunburn?

CBD gel has anti-inflammatory and cooling qualities, which make it ideal for sunburn. Its efficacy as an aftersun product has even been proven by studies.