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CBD Sprays

CBD Sprays

CBD sprays are an alternative way of getting the benefits of CBD. We offer a nasal spray and an under-the-tongue spray that are easy to use and convenient for while you’re on the go. Our sensual CBD spray can be applied topically to increase stamina and pleasure under the covers.

Back2Life Edition CBD Oil 5% (500mg) - 10ml
-20 %
5% CBD Oil - Back2Life Edition (500mg) Our 5% CBD oil Back2Life Edition contains a 1:3 dilution of CBD and comes in a handy 10ml spray bottle. Every bottle contains 500mg of ..
£17,59 £22,01
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1% CBD Nasal Spray from DNH Using our CBD Nasal Spray is like being up a mountain and breathing in a blast of fresh air. Designed specifically to address nasal problems like ..
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CBD numbing spray for men This sensual spray is designed to increase stamina and pleasure during sex. Powered by organic cannabidiol (CBD) from Dutch Natural Healing, this 20..
Ex Tax:£17,60
Better sex, the natural way Our Clit Spray is enhanced with CBD for a more sensual experience. We've carefully blended pure cannabidiol with essential oils for improved pleas..
Ex Tax:£17,60
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Our CBD Sprays

Dutch Natural Healing’s CBD spray is made with 100% organic hemp extract. One part CBD extract is diluted with three parts hemp seed oil so that one 10ml bottle contains around 500mg of high-quality and effective cannabidiol (CBD).

A selection of other cannabinoids, including CBG, CBC and CBN, have been added to our full-spectrum CBD spray. The blend has been designed to improve the cannabidiol’s overall efficacy and ensure an ‘entourage effect’ from the spray.

The oil has a pleasant taste, due to the mix of plant-natural terpenes that it contains. These terpenes include linalool, myrcene and a-humulene (alongside others) and can bring about enhanced relief and a reduction in anxiety. 

CBD Nasal Spray from Dutch Natural Healing

Our CBD Nasal Spray 10ml - 1% (200mg) is of the highest possible quality and is highly effective in opening up sinuses. It’s been specially designed for intranasal delivery, providing a very mild feeling in the nose. We were inspired to make it after several requests from medical doctor and professor, Patricia Frye, from Takoma Park Care Hospital.

The CBD nasal spray contains several unique ingredients that can help to relieve blocked airways or open up narrow ones. They might also help to stimulate the recovery of irritated nasal passages and sinuses. 

CBD is absorbed quickly when administered via the nose, leaving users to report experiencing the nasal spray’s effects almost immediately after use. 

The benefits of hemp oil for sinuses

Sensual CBD Sprays from Dutch Natural Healing

One of the lesser-known facts about CBD is that it has the potential to provide fantastic results in a person’s sex life. We offer two sensual CBD sprays - one for men and one for women.

Our CBD numb spray for men and CBD clit spray for women are two of the most surprising additions to our range of products. Both are CBD-powered sensual sprays designed for use on your intimate areas, helping to increase stamina and pleasure before, during, and after sexual activities.

FAQs about CBD Sprays

How are CBD sprays used?

Using CBD spray couldn’t be simpler - all you need to do is spray it under the tongue or inside the cheek.

Just follow these 5 easy steps:

  1. Shake well before use
  2. Spray once under the tongue (1-2 times a day)
  3. Swallow after 1 minute
  4. After 10-14 days, you can increase the dosage or contact us for dosing advice

The spray should be stored at room temperature and in a dark place. 

How long does CBD spray take to work?

Although not immediate, the effects of CBD sprays can be seen within 15-30 minutes which makes this method of consumption relatively quick.

As CBD spray is quickly absorbed by the mucous membrane in the mouth, it takes very little time to reach the bloodstream. This means the CBD can get to work much faster when compared to alternative digestion methods.

What time is best to take CBD spray?

Some people choose to use their CBD spray first thing in the morning when they take their daily vitamins. However, CBD sprays can be taken at any time of day depending on when it is the most convenient for you.