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CBD Tea: natural tea blends with water-soluble CBD

Jul 06, 2020Mert Gokceimam

If you’re one of our many regular customers, you probably know we only sell products we believe in and actually work. And while CBD oils are still our nr. 1 priority, we do like to innovate and release new products onto the market every now and then. Considering the fact that all CBD tea’s sold until now, didn’t actually provide consumers with Cannabidiol in their body’s. We decided to develop our own, effective CBD tea blends:

Real and effective CBD products

You won’t see us jumping on just any bandwagon or run with the hypes. As you might know already - especially if you’re one of our regular customers - here at Dutch Natural Healing we only sell truly effective hemp products. Stuff that we actually believe in and does what it’s supposed to. With the result that our CBD oil and water-soluble CBD are some of the most effective products on the market today. And we often find companies trying to copy our unique formulas. Obviously, we’re proud to know we’ve set a benchmark in terms of product quality in this industry.

So when we discovered that there was CBD tea being sold, that could in no way provide consumers with the cannabinoid in their bodies; we decided to develop our own line of CBD Tea. To cater to those who desire tastier methods to benefit from the plant’s substance. However, we knew this tea had to match the quality-standard and efficacy of our other hemp products. Aim for the best, and nothing less! Logically, we couldn’t use just any CBD extract to make this tea effective.

Water-soluble CBD in tea

That is why our CBD Tea blends are carefully empowered with our water-soluble CBDactive+ formula. After all, Cannabinoids like Cannabidiol (CBD) are not naturally soluble in water. Meaning that while you could simply add hemp leafs, a few drops of CBD oil, or a couple mg’s of isolate to a cup of tea; this wouldn’t have any effect on your endocannabinoid system (ECS). Well, maybe a placebo effect. But you won’t get anything other than that.

With this in mind, we knew there was only one way to ensure this product would have the desired effects: adding our unique water-soluble full-spectrum CBD formula to the tea-blends. Because as we said before, the efficacy of our CBD products is our main objective. So if the tea would not have the desired effects, we wouldn’t even want to produce and sell it! Luckily, the 5mg water-soluble CBD per serving does do the trick with this line of CBD tea. As it is fully absorbed by the body, this 5mg water-soluble CBD is actually comparable to 50mg of regular CBD from oil drops taken under the tongue. Read more about this high bioavailability of our water soluble CBD in our blog: 'What is water soluble CBD oil and what are the benefits?'.

Besides, the added extract contains other cannabinoids and terpenes from hemp to support the CBD’s effects too. This is what we call the ‘entourage-effect’. A synergy between all the active components found in hemp, supporting each other’s therapeutic effects. We’ve explained all about this phenomenon in our previously published article: ‘The entourage-effect: important synergy for effective CBD oil’.

Four delicious CBD tea blends

The fact that the four blends happen to taste delicious too, is just a plus. And we have our buddies from CBThee to thank for that. As they have developed a collection of four unique and delicious tea blends with real fruits, herbs and flowers:

CBD Tea Black Mango - Be amazed by this beautifully rich and robust black tea-blend. With the distinct fermented flavor of black tea, supplemented with the delicious fruity tones of mango and lime. Fine fresh flavors that provide the tea with a luxe aroma - without compromising the full body of the black tea. A tasteful and calming melange of delicious black tea, organic fruit and water-soluble CBD for the best effects.

CBD Tea White Blossom - This irresistible white tea is made with a blend of white and green tea, from young, yet big tea leafs. Combined with a rich mix of different flowers, jasmin and dragon pearls and empowered with our unique water-soluble CBD. Resulting in a beautifully light aroma and a tea full of antioxidants.

CBD Tea Organic Lemon - Discover this rich blend of green China Sencha tea, full of lemongrass and lemon-zest for a fresh start of the morning. Although this de-stressing tea blend offers a relaxing moment at any time of day! A fresh and tasty CBD Tea with real fruit, herbs and our water soluble CBD of course. In other words, a luxurious reinvention of the classical green tea with citrus-notes.

CBD Tea Fruit Explosion - The name of this ‘Fruit Explosion’ says all about this excitingly rich, fruity and surprisingly complete tea blend with 5 mg watersoluble CBD from Dutch Natural Healing per serving. Thanks to a special and exciting blend of various fruits and herbs, this Fruit Explosion CBD Tea offers a deliciously exciting and energizing aroma. For example, in this tea you’ll find tones of grapes, orange and passion fruit, amongst other fruity flavors. Empowered with water-soluble Cannabidiol (CBD) for the best possible effects.

Which one of these are you trying first?

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