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CBD for Pets

CBD for Pets
CBD for Pets
CBD for Pets

Specially designed CBD oil for pets and more enjoyable recipe

CBD for pets from Dutch Natural Healing is a CBD oil specially designed for pets. The product is easier and more enjoyable for your pet to take than traditional CBD oil. The CBD concentration is specially adjusted for pets. The recipe is based on our proven CBD extract, supplemented with the highest possible quality of pure salmon oil.

CBD oil for cats One 10 ml bottle CBD oil for cats contains 200mg of CBD (2%) from the best Dutch Natural Healing hemp extract with pure salmon oil. The use of salmon oil m..
Ex Tax:€21.06
CBD oil for cats One 20 ml bottle CBD oil for cats contains 400mg of CBD (2%) from the best Dutch Natural Healing hemp extract with pure salmon oil. The use of salmon oil m..
Ex Tax:€41.24
CBD oil for dogs One 10ml bottle of CBD oil for dogs contains 200mg of the best Dutch Natural Healing hemp extract and pure salmon oil. The use of salmon oil makes the tast..
Ex Tax:€21.06
CBD oil for dogs One 20ml bottle of CBD oil for dogs contains 400mg of the best Dutch Natural Healing hemp extract and pure salmon oil. The use of salmon oil makes the tast..
Ex Tax:€41.24
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What is CBD oil for pets?

CBD oil or cannabidiol oil is made from hemp plant extracts. With only trace-amounts (or no) THC in the product, CBD oil is not psychoactive. So it will not induce a ‘high’ or ‘stoned’ effect. Dutch Natural Healing has developed CBD oil especially for pets. Considering the CBD oil for pets recipe contains pure salmon oil, this makes the product tastier and easy to administer to your furry friend.

Is CBD oil safe for animals?

CBD oil is safe to use for dogs, cats and horses. Though it is advised not to use CBD with animals that are pregnant or lactating. Dutch Natural Healing CBD oil for pets is made from the best quality hemp, which we produce and process ourselves. This means we only sell 100% organic CBD oil for humans and animals. CBD oil for pets can have positive effect on your pet’s vitality and overall well-being. It is recommended to contact your veterinarian prior to giving your pet CBD, and carefully read the instructions of the product.

How CBD works

Most animals on earth have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) in their body, just like humans have. This system regulates a wide array of different physiological processes in the body. Ranging from pain and mood to hunger and temperature, this is all balanced by receptors which react to elements our bodies should naturally produce, named endocannabinoids. Though in some cases the body is not able to produce or process enough of these endocannabinoids on its own, resulting in all sorts of discomfort and ailments. In which case it can help to support your pet with vegetal cannabinoids like CBD.

Health benefits of CBD oil for pets There are quite a few possible benefits of CBD oil for pets. As a pet owner, you want your animal friend to feel the best possible. Our CBD oil for pets may have many health benefits like pain relief when a pet has chronic pain, may help with bowel disease, may reduce anxiety and may help with seizures and epilepsy. CBD for pets may also help for other health conditions. The oil may give your pet advanced mobility if your furry friend struggles with e.g. hip and joint issues. CBD drops may even fight cancer cells! Interested in the latest test results? Then you can email us.

How much CBD should I give my pet?

CBD oil is mainly used for dogs and cats, though horses can also benefit from CBD. When determining the right dosage, keep the concentration of CBD in the product and your pet’s body weight into account.

CBD oil for dogs

Dogs can experience as many benefits from CBD as humans! Consider your dog’s body weight when determining the right dosage CBD oil for dogs. As small dogs obviously need less CBD than bigger ones. Dutch Natural Healing CBD oil for dogs is 100% safe and well-suited for dogs. Furthermore, it is easier to administer than regular CBD products thanks to the addition of tasty pure salmon oil. To find the right dosage for your dog, start with a low dose of one drop CBD for dogs per 5kg bodyweight. Repeat two times per day and monitor the effect it has on the animal. Increase the dosage when it appears necessary after a period of approximately 10 days.

CBD oil for cats

Cats, like dogs, can have many benefits from the use of CBD oil. Though not all CBD products are suited for felines. This is because cats are more sensitive to certain cannabinoids present in hemp extracts - and some terpenes might be toxic for the animals. Our CBD oil for cats is therefore terpene free and 100% safe for your beloved cat. Calculate the right dosage using your cat’s bodyweight or start with one drop, two times per day unless otherwise advised by your veterinarian.

CBD oil for horses

Unfortunately there’s not a lot of information available on the use of CBD with horses. Logically, the amount of CBD drops horses get from their owners greatly varies. Please feel free to contact us for more information on this subject.

Giving your pet CBD oil

Dutch Natural Healing CBD oil for cats and dogs is developed with your pet in mind. Therefore it contains pure salmon oil, making the product tastier for the animal. Nevertheless, some animals might not enjoy CBD or the taste of salmon oil in general. That is why you can easily mix CBD oil for pets through your pet’s food or a tasty snack for easy administration.

Lars Opdam

By Lars Opdam

Lars Opdam is founder and CEO of Dutch Natural Healing (DNH), one of the largest CBD oil producers in Europe. In the EIHA’s new publication ‘Our Stories: The people behind hemp’, we learn how he came to where he is today. As he explains his story, from farmer to CEO of a benchmark CBD oil producing company, operating in the top layer of the hemp industry.

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