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CBD for dogs

CBD for dogs
CBD for dogs
CBD for dogs
CBD oil for dogs is a hemp oil with Cannabidiol (CBD) specifically designed for your dog. Discover the potential benefits of canine hemp oil for your furry pal. Made with our proven effective CBD-rich hemp extract in a special concentration for dogs, and tasty high-grade salmon oil for easy administration.
CBD oil for dogs One 10ml bottle of CBD oil for dogs contains 200mg of the best Dutch Natural Healing hemp extract and pure salmon oil. The use of salmon oil makes the tast..
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CBD oil for dogs One 20ml bottle of CBD oil for dogs contains 400mg of the best Dutch Natural Healing hemp extract and pure salmon oil. The use of salmon oil makes the tast..
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What is CBD oil for dogs?

CBD oil for dogs is made from the hemp plant. Usually it consists of a certain amount of Cannabidiol (CBD) in the form of a CBD Paste or Crystals; mixed with with a carrier oil for easier administration and dosing. In the case of DNH’s CBD oil for dogs, the high quality Cannabidiol is mixed with both hemp seed oil, as well as high grade salmon oil. This makes Dutch Natural Healing’s canine CBD tastier for your furry pal. Which results in the fact that most dogs will happily take their hemp oil supplement, instead of making a fuss about it. 

How does CBD for dogs work?

Dogs, just like humans, possess an endocannabinoid-system (ECS). This is a communication network within the body which helps regulate all sorts of processes. Ranging from pain to hunger and everything in between. The ECS works with receptors which are spread all over the body; and endocannabinoids that work as signaling substances and bind to these receptors to cause a certain effect. This is how pain is regulated for example, or your dog’s happiness. 

Benefits of using dog CBD

Though in some cases the body appears to not produce or process enough of these endocannabinoids by itself. Leading to all kinds of discomforts and distorted communication in the body. However, anecdotal evidence and a growing body of scientific research prove that stimulating these receptors with vegetal cannabinoids from hemp, might help bring back the balance needed for our bodies - and that of your favorite pet - to thrive. 

In that perspective, it’s safe to say that hemp oil for dogs might provide canines with the same benefits as humans experience from CBD. Meaning that it might have a positive effect on the perception and cause of pain, inflammation, potentially offer anxious dogs mental tranquility and more. Helping (older) dogs to regain their mobility and more active lifestyle; which contributes hugely to the dog’s happiness. 

Some customers even claim, CBD oil for dogs might even help reduce seizures in epileptic dogs. While there is no scientific proof to back this up, it doesn’t hurt to try! Please note that it might be advisable to discuss your dog’s CBD intake with your veterinarian. 

Is CBD safe for dogs?

Luckily dogs can handle and process vegetal cannabinoids like Cannabidiol (CBD) perfectly. Actually, they do it better than humans! Because as we’ve experienced and understand from our customer’s feedback, a little goes a long way when it comes to CBD for dogs. Meaning that they don’t need a lot to reach the desired result. 

Also, all other ingredients that may be found in CBD oil, like terpenes, are no problem for dogs to process either. While these aromatic substances might be toxic to certain other animals, like cats. Dogs can safely consume them. Meaning that in theory, dogs could safely use CBD hemp oil for humans as well. Do be careful with THC-rich products and homemade brews, as too much of this substance might not be healthy for your pet at all. 

Dosing CBD for canines

In fact, when it comes to dosing hemp oil for dogs, it’s always best to start low. After all, your dog doesn’t know what’s wrong with it; nor what you’re giving it. That is why we advice to start with a low dose of CBD for dogs, and work your way up when needed. A good starting dose would be one drop of DNH’s CBD oil for dogs per 5kg body weight, two times a day. Closely monitor the effects and if needed increase the dosage with one drop after 10 days. 

Possible side-effects of CBD for dogs

While too much CBD will not kill your dog, it might give your furry pal an uncomfortable feeling. As a high dose of Cannabidiol might make your dog drowsy, sleepy and reduce its reaction time. Obviously, we humans can think rationally and know where this feeling comes from when we accidentally take a ‘CBD overdose’. But a dog however, will not understand. Hence why we advice to start with a low dose and carefully let your dog get used to the substance. 

CBD for other animals 

Besides dogs - and us humans - there are also other animals that can benefit from hemp oil. That’s why at Dutch Natural Healing you’ll also find specific CBD oil for cats and CBD oil for horses - among other CBD for pets.