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DNH Specials
DNH Specials
DNH Specials

We invest in research and development and this gives you the opportunity to buy special CBD- and cannabis related products. Most of the new products we develop are their time ahead and may be seen as revolutionair and very very effective. After all, Cannabis Sativa L. is on the planet to support and help us with our health. That counts for all living creatures with a spine. Don't forget about that! Our claims are always based on science, our experience with actual people and the tests we do in laboratory. 

CBD Nasal Spray - The effective and fresh breeze by nature Discover our high quality CBD Nasal Spray 10ml - 1% (200mg). A specially designed CBD spray for intranasal delivery, made upon several requests from our favorite Medical Doctor and professor Patricia Frye from Takoma Park Care Hos..
Ex Tax:€18.14
This test detects all variants of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, including the Omikron variant. For patients with suspected COVID-19 infection, we offer this accessible, portable and scalable option for testing for COVID-19. The product has a CE mark. The test kit enables decentralized testing and acc..
Ex Tax:€206.20
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