CBD Sleep Patches with Lavender - 450mg

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CBD Patches for Sleep — with Lavender Essential-Oil Therapy

Our CBD Patches with Lavender combine 15mg of pure and potent CBD with lavender essential oil to create a unique therapeutic experience designed to promote good sleep health.

Extremely effective due to their high bioavailability and ease of use, they’re a great alternative to more conventional CBD supplements, such as oils and isolates, and contain 0% THC. Each pack contains a total of 450mg of 100% natural CBD in 30 patches.

CBD Patches with Lavender — Superior Convenience and a Constant, Steady Release of CBD

Dutch Natural Healing’s CBD Patches with Lavender don’t just offer exceptional bioavailability and the soothing effects of natural lavender, they are also very easy to use. Just apply one to the skin and you’ll soon experience the full therapeutic benefit of premium CBD and natural lavender essential oil, all delivered over a 12 to 36-hour period.

CBD Patches with Lavender release a round-the-clock, slow, and steady dose of CBD straight to your body — meaning you don’t have to take an oral supplement or stick to a dosing schedule. Discrete and easy to hide under clothing, our CBD Patches with Lavender have a transparent base and a coloured grid pattern that slowly fades as their CBD is absorbed by the body, making them easy to use anywhere any time.

Fully third-party tested, they contain no measurable quantity of THC, so they won’t make you feel high or affect your mental acuity in any way. Not all CBD patches are created equal, so if you’ve bought patches from another brand and you want to check their purity, use our detection kit: CBD Test Purple.

How to use our CBD Patches with Lavender:

  1. Place a single CBD patch on dry and hairless skin. You can either place the patch on an affected area or the upper arm
  2. Lightly press the patch onto the skin and hold for about 5 seconds
  3. Remove the patch after 12-36 hours, or once the ink has faded.
  4. Individual results may vary

15mg per patch (450mg)

Suitable For

The Whole Family


Effective up to 36 hours

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