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5 tips on ensuring leak proof dropper bottles for CBD

Oct 26, 2020Mert Gokceimam

Every drop you leak, is one you don’t consume. So to make sure you get the full value of your CBD oil bottle, avoid leaking! We know this is not an easy job, considering that oily liquids (like hemp oil) and pipette bottles don’t really match. Though we’ve summed up a few tips to help you, and avoid your CBD oil bottle from leaking.

Prevent leaking CBD oil

CBD oil is amazingly popular, as it appears to be a potential treatment for a large number of ailments. This varies from physical discomfort and chronic pain to mood disorders - like anxiety and depression. Though what it’s also widely known for, is dirty leaking bottles. As the combination of an oily substance with pipette bottles unfortunately is far from perfect. Still, glass bottles with pipette droppers are the most used containers for CBD oil. So, here are 5 tips to help you avoid leaking and dirty pipette bottles.

Keep it clean

Sure, this might sound logical. But not everyone is aware of the potential consequences of touching the bottle with the pipette. Because when you take the pipette out of the CBD oil bottle - there is a chance you thoughtlessly brush the pipette along the edge of the bottle’s opening to take off excess CBD oil. Not taking into consideration the oil that ends up on the wrong side of it. Which then leaks down the screw thread, contaminating the screw thread on both the bottle and the pipette.

When this happens, the oil gets everywhere you don’t want it to. Moreover, it might even keep the pipette-cap from closing properly. As oil even gets in between the rubber parts isolating the pipette, causing air to accumulate and oil to escape. So, rule number one in keeping CBD oil bottles from leaking: keep ‘em clean! How? Simply wipe the screw thread with a paper towel to keep it clean when it gets dirty; and start avoiding leaking CBD bottles.

Close the bottle properly

Another important thing to remember is to close your oil bottle properly. After all, the least you can do when you’re trying to avoid dirty leaking CBD oil bottles, is to close them. Though this isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Because when air and oil get in between the pipette’s rubbers, like explained above, this might block and keep the bottle from closing properly. You’ll notice this, when the cap unscrews a bit after you close it.

In such cases, try cleaning the screw thread first. And don’t forget the inside of the pipette! Then when you close it, hold it tight for 5 seconds. This might help the air and oil to escape, restoring the isolation of the rubbers and the bottle’s ability to close properly.

Empty the pipette before closing

What also might help avoid CBD oil bottles from leaking, is to empty the pipette well before closing it off. Because leaving oil in the dropper could cause it to leak from the top of the bottle. Especially when it’s not stored standing up, but laying down. The oil might ooze through the rubber separating the part you squeeze to get the drops out, from the harder part that holds the screw thread. Emptying the dropper before putting it back in the bottle, could help avoid this type of leaking bottles.

Don’t bend the pipette

Obviously, we encourage people to take their CBD oil regularly, and preferably a few times a day. So logically speaking, some of you will have to take the oil with you to cover your doses when you’re out and about. Though when you do, please make sure you don’t bend the pipette. As bending the pipette may compromise the pipette’s rubbers isolating the cap. Eventually causing the bottle to leak.

You could of course cover the bottle of CBD oil, by putting it in a plastic baggy for example. Or try keeping it upright in a corner of your bag or backpack. Though admittedly, this isn’t the most practical way of carrying your CBD oil with you. Nor is it a guarantee your bottle will not leak.

CBD oil with spray head

Luckily, we’ve thought of something that could help your CBD oil bottles from leaking. And that is to take the pipette out of the equation altogether. How we do that, you ask? By offering you the option to order a handy spray-head with each bottle of CBD oil you purchase online. An ideal alternative to properly close off your CBD oil bottle - and keep it closed.

As you will not have to unscrew the whole cap to use it, like you would with a pipette. Instead, you simply take off the small plastic cover and spray the oil into your mouth. Considering one spray equals about 4 drops, most people take one spray instead of their usual 3 drop-dosage. Accordingly, this ‘extra drop’ might slightly decrease the number of times you need to use CBD in a day. Though as you’re used to from us, we’re happy to help guide you when you make the switch from a dropper pipette to a handy spray!

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