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Study into CBD and Depression: CBD oil could replace antidepressants

Sep 01, 2021Mert Gokceimam

One of CBD’s most discussed effects is the possible impact the cannabinoid might have on your mental state. With a growing number of people using the substance from hemp to improve their mood and overall well-being. Aside from an overwhelming amount of anecdotal evidence. Scientists have now released a report, supporting CBD oil’s potential impact on depression. Saying it might even replace commonly used antidepressants:

CBD oil and depression according to science

CBD oil is known to have a positive effect on the mental state of millions of consumers worldwide. Helping people battle all sorts of issues, ranging from the occasional mood-swing to downright depression. Though for a long time, we had only anecdotal evidence to support these theories. Now luckily, scientists from the University of São Paulo have provided us with scientific evidence to back these claims up.

In Molecular Neurobiology-magazine, the Brazilian researchteam published their findings. Showing that Cannabidiol (CBD) from hemp successfully acts as an antidepressant in mice. Moreover, the researchers report that the cannabinoid’s effects lasted a relatively long period of time. According to the scientists, this suggests that CBD oil might become an important asset in treating depressions in the near future.

More energy and less depressed

After all, common antidepressants are known to be highly addictive, not always as effective and potentially harmful to the body. Considering the fact that Cannabidiol is not addictive, neither harmful, but does appear to be effective. Shows a great potential for the vegetal cannabinoid in this field.

This was again proven by a scientific report published by Leaf Science. This revolves around a study using mice that are genetically modified to have certain symptoms of depression. Including lethargy (extremely sleepy) and immobility. Though after receiving a dose of CBD, the mice clearly showed an increased activity. Moreover, the researchers noted that the CBD-receiving mice were less sensitive to triggers that could reignite the depressed feelings and behavior.

CBD is fast-acting antidepressant

More importantly however, is the fact that CBD appears to be very fast-acting when it comes to curving depression. As the effects described above apparently started within an hour after administering the cannabinoid to the mice. Later, these effects slowly decreased, the researchers all report.

According to the scientists, this might very well be the main reason for CBD to become a more effective antidepressant compared to medication that’s currently on the market. As many conventional depression-treating drugs need at least a week or four - sometimes up to eight weeks - to show results. And as said before, CBD does not offer unwanted side-effects that you might experience from common antidepressants. Including fatigue, insomnia and sexual disfunction.

Using CBD oil to battle depression

Like always, the information in this blog is intended for educational purposes and is no medical advice. So if you’re battling depression with antidepressants, always discuss the potential use of CBD oil with your physician. Especially because some antidepressants might have a contra-indication with Cannabidiol. Learn more about this phenomenon in ‘Medication CBD oil can interact with: this is what you need to know'.

With that being said, it might be helpful to give CBD oil a try when you’re feeling down. As now not only anecdotal advice, but scientists too, show the potential of Cannabidiol to uplift your mood. Some of DNH’s most used products against depression-like symptoms are CBDactive+ and our new Back2Life CBD oil; infused with special mood-enhancing terpenes for maximum effect.

Are you not sure which CBD product is best suited for your situation? Get in touch! We’re happy to help…

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