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5 ways CBD oil can help with Parkinson's

Jul 25, 2021Mert Gokceimam

Hemp oil with CBD is known to affect the body’s endocannabinoid-system (ECS). Through which it appears to have effect on various discomforts and sometimes even serious diseases. As research now shows, Cannabidiol (CBD) could possibly even have an impact on Parkinson’s disease. How? These are five ways how CBD hemp oil could help treat Parkinson’s disease:

CBD and Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease is a so-called long-term neurodegenerative disorder. Essentially, this means it affects the neurones (nerves) in the brain and central nervous system. As you might know already, Parkinson’s mainly impacts the motor system. Inhibiting smooth movement and in various cases, causing continuous tremors. Although non-motor symptoms might also become more common when the condition worsens. As the condition often leads to permanent motor and mental-issues.

Considering there’s no cure for Parkinson’s known to the medical community yet. Patients increasingly seek relief in alternative corners. Often based on anecdotal evidence or recommended by other patients. Though researchers have now scientifically proven that cannabinoids from hemp, could possibly play a big role in decreasing certain symptoms of the disorder. The people’s favorite cannabinoid Cannabidiol (CBD) however, shows the biggest potential against Parkinson’s. According to research, CBD hemp oil could therefor possibly:

Decrease pain, stiffness and inflammation

First of all, we know Parkinson’s patients often suffer from tremors. Although stiffness of the muscles is also a very common symptom of the disease. In other words, the disorder might inhibit stretching or relaxing the muscles and increase tention. However studies have revealed, that CBD oil could heavily decrease this type of stiffness; en the pain related to that as well.

Furthermore, we know CBD has powerful anti-inflammatory properties on the joints. This is shown in various studies - and could potentially help decrease pain and stiffness in Parkinson’s patients. In one study from 2011 performed on rats for example, researchers discovered that Cannabidiol could help reduce inflammation. Due to the unique effect the cannabinoid has on pain receptors and how they react to stimuli.

Provide better sleep with Parkinson

As most of you might know, certain cannabinoids can have a very positive effect on sleep. A phenomenon we’ve previously described in CBD oil for sleep: find the best hemp products for a good night’s rest. A more specific study from 2016 however, actually shows the effect of CBD oil on sleep in patients with Parkinson. Proving that CBD-rich hemp oil could possible increase the quality of sleep in Parkinson’s patients.

Act as an antipsychotic

Besides the physical symptoms patients with Parkinson’s might experience; the disorder can also cause various forms of hallucinations, illusions, paranoia or delusions. It does so in about 20% of all patients. The majority of them first face these psychotic traits in a later stage of the disease.

Unfortunately, some pharmaceuticals used against Parkinson’s physical symptoms could actually increase the possibility of developing these psychotic episodes. But luckily, this research on Parkinson’s patients with psychotic symptoms; shows that CBD is in fact able to significantly decrease psychotic symptoms related to Parkinson’s disease.

Increase quality of life

As you can probably imagine, Parkinson’s disease greatly impacts the patient’s quality of life. Obviously, the physical symptoms play a big part in this. Considering the trembling, stiffness, possible balance problems and slow movements are surely not beneficial. Though often, Parkinson’s patients also suffer from emotional and psychological damage due to their disease.

Thanks to a placebo controlled in-vivo research performed in 2017 however, we know CBD might help here too. As participants of the study who - unknowingly - received the cannabinoid treatment reported that CBD really helped to improve their quality of life. 

Slow down progression of Parkinson

Lastly, researchers looking at CBD’s neuroprotective abilities in Parkinson’s discovered; that the powerful antioxidant properties of Cannabidiol could actually help slow down the progression of the disease. During this study, scientists also confirmed the cannabinoids ability to decrease physical symptoms; such as pain and slowness.

Surely, there is much more to discover around CBD’s efficacy against diseases like Parkinson’s. Though these studies at least show it’s worth trying a natural alternative as a supplement to, or instead of traditional treatment in some cases. Please note this blog is intended for educational purposes only - and is not meant as a substitute to professional medical advice.

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