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CBD Cosmetics: improve your skincare routine with hemp topicals

Sep 07, 2020Mert Gokceimam

We never get tired of saying ‘there’s more to hemp than CBD oil’. Because it’s true, hemp products with Cannabidiol (CBD) come in many forms and carry a whole array of different benefits to the body. Besides offering a positive impact on your physical well-being and mental state when ingested; the use of topical hemp products - like CBD cosmetics - could also be a great addition to your daily skincare routine. Learn why:

Skincare hemp topicals

By now you’re probably aware of the benefits of CBD oil. An organic product made with extracts from the hemp plant. In short, CBD oil is known to interact with receptors from the body’s own endocannabinoid system (ECS). Where it balances and helps regulate some of the body’s most important processes. According to consumers - and preliminary research - this helps treat (chronic) pain, a variety of mental issues and increases overall well-being. While CBD strengthens the immune system as well. Though what many might not know, is that the receptors of this ECS also exist in the skin.

Accordingly, stimulating these receptors with organic cannabinoids like Cannabidiol could have very positive effects on the skin’s health. With this in mind, you could just go ahead and rub a raw hemp extract like CBD Paste on your skin. Or even a tincture like our 8% CBD oil. However, these oily products could leave stains on your clothing and are hard to absorb by the skin due to the thick nature of CBD’s molecules in their natural state. Let’s discover more effective ways of treating your skin to the benefits of hemp:

CBD Cosmetic Creams

In theory everyone can take a hemp extract, stir it through cream and call it CBD cream. But it takes a lot more research and development to create truly effective hemp cosmetics. You can take our word on that. Considering we’ve spent over two years creating our line of Dutchnaturals CBD topicals for optimal skincare. Although we must admit, it was well worth the trouble.

Because our efforts are rewarded with a collection of CBD cosmetics almost ‘too good to be true’. Including certified CBD Cream and hand cream, produced with a great variety of natural oils. Apart from our full spectrum hemp extract with 250mg per 100ml cream; these products contain beneficial ingredients such as Jojoba oil and Calendula oil (marigold). All in support of CBD’s healing and caring effects. Dutchnaturals CBD Creams therefore:

  • Help treat rough and chapped skin;
  • nourish and protect the skin;
  • restore damaged skin;
  • act as moisturizers;
  • keep the skin elastic (anti-aging) and offer a;
  • calming effect on irritated skin.

In addition, our CBD Cream and CBD hand cream are also infused with Coconut oil. Thanks to the small molecular structure of this oil, the cream’s active ingredients are easily absorbed by the body’s largest organ. While it also adds to the softening and soothing effects of the CBD Cream’s other ingredients. Resulting in a wholesome and caring CBD skincare cosmetic for every day use. With soothing and healing effects on dry, irritated, sensitive and damaged skin. Wether you’re looking for something for the entire body, or just to treat dry hands, we’ve got it all.

Water-based CBD Gels

Another amazingly effective way of treating your skin to the benefits of hemp, is through the use of our water-based CBD gels. Including the all-round calming CBD Body Gel, cooling CBD Aftersun and CBD Aftershave. A range of unique, water-based gels with Aloë Vera, amongst other beneficial natural ingredients. Perfectly suited to treat a variety of skin irritations, painful areas or (sun)burned skin.

Dutchnaturals’ CBD Aftersun Gel for example, is a proven effective, soothing and cooling body gel used to treat sunburns. Carrying a unique formula - including our full-spectrum hemp extract with 250mg CBD per 100ml and organic Aloë Vera - this Aftersun Gel with CBD is a natural moisturizer. Moreover, it brings faster and longer-lasting relief compared to regular Aftersun products. Whereas the CBD Body Gel is perfectly suited to help treat pain locally; after suffering trauma or to help restore sore muscles after a workout.

Besides the rapid absorption of the active ingredients by the skin, the succes of these products rely on a skin-neutral approach. Meaning our gels naturally blend with the skin’s pH and bring balance to the existing skin flora. Moreover, the cooling and soothing properties of these gels make the products ideally suited to treat any type of damaged skin. Ranging from (sun-)burns to irritated skin after shaving, or otherwise affected skin. Offering quick relief thanks to the immediate absorption of the skin-neutral and calming ingredients.

Dutchnaturals CBD Cosmetics are carefully developed to offer you the best skincare results possible!

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