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Wave dry hands goodbye with CBD hand cream

Apr 16, 2020Vidal de Wit

We all know how annoying dry hands can be. It can happen after a long day of working with your hands, washing them excessively or simply because of the dry weather during this time of the year. Whatever the reason is, it’s obvious you’d rather get rid of your dry hands. Luckily, you can instantly wave dry hands goodbye with the natural CBD hand cream by Dutchnaturals:

Dry hands

Whether it is because you’ve been busy with dusty boxes, react badly to dry weather or - like all of us during the corona-era - you’ve washed your hands excessively; dry hands can be very annoying. Apart from the fact that it may look a bit shabby, dry hands can also cause itching, flaky, or even painful skin. Moreover, dry hands get wounds easier and the skin may experience more trouble to restore itself. This is often because of a distorted moisture regulation, compromising the natural protective layer of the skin.

Normally, the evaporation of moisture in the skin is regulated by a balance between sebum and fat; located in the hypodermis of the skin. When this gets damaged, due to the excessive washing of your hands or the use of aggressive products - like soap with alcohol, disinfectant or perfumes for example - the hands’ skin easily dries out. Then the skin is no longer able to create the right ‘fattiness’ in which it thrives and feels best. In light cases, this may cause itchy and flaky skin. Though when it gets worse, it may cause the skin to split, cause wounds and sometimes even bleeding. This is annoying and painful, but luckily easy to resolve!

Hand cream with 125mg CBD

One way to get rid of dry hands fast, is by treating them with good hand cream with CBD. Thanks to the right combination of natural ingredients and oils, CBD hand cream by Dutchnaturals helps to quickly restore the skin’s balance. Moreover, the addition of full-spectrum CBD (125mg) from our best hemp extract makes sure the skin is not only balanced; but it also actively restores damaged skin cells. Interested in our hemp extract for other purposes? See it here: Pure CBD Paste.

Benefits of CBD hand cream

  • Helps treat rough and chapped hands
  • Nourishes and protects the skin
  • Restores damaged skin
  • Acts as a moisturizer
  • Keeps the skin elastic
  • Calming effect on irritated skin

The CBD hand cream by Dutchnaturals contains a range of cold-pressed organic oils for a healthy and nourished skin. Thanks to the addition of jojoba oil for example, the CBD hand cream offers a very beneficial and caring effect on the skin. The Calendula oil (marigold) in the product promotes healthy cell division, which stimulates damaged skin to heal. Another good example of beneficial ingredients in the cream, is the coconut oil. Its unique small molecular structure ensures that the active ingredients in the CBD cream are easily absorbed by the skin; while it softens and soothes the hands as well. Coconut oil also has a low melting point, which makes the cream feel nice and easy to apply. This makes Dutchnaturals’ CBD hand cream ideal for daily use and to care for dry, rough and wrinkled hands.

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