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How to test CBD oil at home for Cannabidiol

May 25, 2020Mert Gokceimam

The world of CBD is comparable to the wild west. With a great lack of regulations and no obligatory testing, it is extremely easy to launch any CBD product onto the market and offer it to the masses. Especially on the internet, numerous new brands emerged over the past few years - all claiming to offer ‘the best CBD oil’. Though some researchers recently discovered that not all CBD products on the market actually contain Cannabidiol! Outraged, we decided to develop a CBD detection liquid for home use. So you can test your CBD product to see if it actually contains what you paid for - fair and square!

If you’re in any doubt about the quality of your CBD, buy one of our home CBD test kits and check you got what you paid for!

No CBD in CBD oil?

It’s almost unbelievable, but it’s true. Recently, Dutch researchers purchased a number of different CBD oil products from various brands - both in physical stores and online. Their goal was to analyze the products for their contents; to see if the CBD oil actually contains CBD - and if the product is free from pesticides, heavy metals and other unwanted components. Obviously, that is not something you want in your CBD oil.

What you DO want in your CBD oil though, is Cannabidiol. The most important substance in the product, which actually gives CBD oil its name. For those who don’t know, Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural component from the hemp plant - which is known for its positive effect on the body and mind. This is thanks to the interaction CBD has with our body’s own endocannabinoid system (ECS). But without CBD in your hemp oil, you can obviously forget about all the positive effects it could possibly offer. So, how can you be sure that the CBD oil you bought actually contains the plant’s substance?

Test CBD in CBD oil

To guarantee that your CBD oil actually contains Cannabidiol, there is only one thing you can do. And that is to test it. As not all companies are as fair as Dutch Natural Healing - considering we do everything we can to ensure our CBD products contain the exact amount of CBD we advertise them with. We do that by registering every move we make in neatly kept production logs, for example. After we’ve carefully tested our starting material for its contents and any unwanted ingredients. One of our many quality control processes, to guarantee our customers get a clean, fair and highly effective CBD product.

Though some companies do not care that much for the quality of their products, but rather focus on profit margins. The result? CBD oil with less CBD than you paid for or hemp oil with no CBD at all. Shocking, but true. Luckily, we will not let you sit in the dark and wonder what products do or do not contain CBD. As we’ve developed a CBD Detection kit with testing liquid for you to use at home, and check your hemp oil product for CBD yourself. But how does this CBD test work?

CBD Test Purple

Testing your CBD oil at home is easy, with our unique CBD Test Purple detection liquid. Available in a disposable and cheap one-use pipette or a glass bottle with enough detection liquid for 100 tests, our CBD Test Purple will tell you if (and approximately how much) CBD is in your product. And all you need is a white sheet of paper to use it and a sample to test, quick and easy.

To test your CBD oil (or other CBD product, like CBD cream or even a topical patch) place a sample of it on a white sheet of paper. For example, you can use a simple A4 or a sheet of toilet paper. Then drop a few drops of CBD Test Purple detection liquid on top of the sample and let it rest for a few seconds. After around 20-30 seconds, you could see the first color chance happening. As the liquid will turn purple with the presence of CBD. Hence the name of the detection kit, ‘CBD Test Purple’.

To know how concentrated your CBD product approximately is, you can use the color swatch above. Note, this is only an indication and no rights can be derived from this image. Curious to see if your CBD oil contains any CBD at all? Check it with CBD Test Purple:

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