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How CBD oil might prevent atherosclerosis and keep arteries healthy

Sep 19, 2021Mert Gokceimam

Cannabinoids from hemp, including our favorite Cannabidiol (CBD), might prevent atherosclerosis. This is one of the most common vascular diseases, which contributes to a large number of deaths each year. Considering heart- and vascular disease are one of the leading causes of death worldwide; CBD hemp oil could potentially be a real life saver: 


Atherosclerosis, as described on Wikipedia, is a pattern of the disease arteriosclerosis. This is when the wall of the artery develops abnormalities which the medical world knows as lesions. These lesions however, might result in the narrowing of the artery due to the buildup of atheromatous plaque. 

This plaque travels into the arteries with immune cells which are trying to restore damage in its walls. But then makes its way through the cracks of the vascular wall. The plaque - composed of a certain lipoprotein - then feeds itself with cholesterol. Which causes the vascular wall to thicken and might eventually even cause calcification of the otherwise smooth vascular muscle cells. 

Causes and symptoms

While no symptoms might be experienced at first, atherosclerosis does seriously impact the flow of oxygen-rich blood to vital organs like the heart and brain. Meaning that it might eventually result in a stroke or thrombosis, for example. Furthermore, the built up wall of plaque might at some point rip open. Causing blood clots to travel through the body and cause all sorts of trouble. 

Like with many other diseases, an exact cause for atherosclerosis is not really known. After all, we are all born with clean veins and arteries. However, risk factors for the building up of this plaque are: high cholesterol, high inflammatory markers, high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, obesity, genetics and an unhealthy diet. 

Obviously this means eating healthy, not smoking and keeping a normal weight might help prevent atherosclerosis. Though it does appear that white men who exercise regularly do have a larger risk of developing this disease. So exercise is not a miraculous preventative tool in this case,

Cannabinoids for healthy arteries

However, science also suggests that both our endocannabinoids, as cannabinoids from hemp, might play a roll in the prevention of heart- and vascular diseases. As receptors of our body’s own endocannabinoid system (ECS) were discovered all over the cardiovascular system. Including myocardial cellsveins and arteries and the smooth muscle surrounding the our veins. Indicating that the ECS actually has a key roll in regulating blood flow and heart function. 

Furthermore, scientific studies show that stroke victims due to heart infractions have less CB2-receptors in the atheromatous plaque; in comparison to healthy people. The sole existence and proper functioning of these receptors therefor appear to be a protective factor for acute and chronic development of these diseases. 

CBD oil against heart- and vascular diseases

As mainly Cannabidiol (CBD) binds to the CB2-receptors of the ECS, this vegetal cannabinoids appears to be especially effective against heart- and vascular disease. With evidence suggesting that CBD hemp oil could for example be used to prevent damage to the vascular system; caused by a restored blood flow after a stroke or infraction. Although CB2-receptors are also proven to be protective against other results of atherosclerosis; including: restenosismyocardial ischemiacerebral ischemia and damage from ischemia-reperfusion. Showing us the promising uses of CBD oil from hemp in the prevention of atherosclerosis and other heart- and vascular diseases. 

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