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CBD Tea Fruit Explosion - (20 x 5mg)

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CBD Tea Fruit Explosion - (20 x 5mg)
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CBD Tea Fruit Explosion - (20 x 5mg)
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  • Quantity CBD: 100mg (5mg per serving)
  • Content: 20 pyramide tea bags (3,5gr.)
  • Type product: Tea blend with water-soluble CBD
  • Meaning: High absorption / bioavailability
  • Benefits: Exciting tea blend
  • Packaging: Tin container
  • Taste: Fruity, rich
  • € per MG CBD: € 0,22
  • Suitable for: Adults and children

CBD Fruit Tea

The name of this ‘Fruit Explosion’ says all about this excitingly rich, fruity and surprisingly complete tea blend with 5 mg watersoluble CBD from Dutch Natural Healing per serving. Taste the true explosion of flavors which touches all tones of your palette and discover the rich taste of this special combination of fruits - a pleasure to look at, smell and taste, of course.

Thanks to a special and exciting blend of various fruits and herbs, this Fruit Explosion CBD Tea offers a deliciously exciting and energizing aroma. For example, in this tea you’ll find tones of grapes, orange and passion fruit, amongst other fruity flavors. Empowered with water-soluble Cannabidiol (CBD) for the best effects.

Tea with water-soluble CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) is not naturally water-soluble. That is why CBThee only uses the unique water-soluble, full-spectrum CBD extract by Dutch Natural Healing. A product with a much higher bioavailability compared to CBD oil. This means that the active ingredients in this water-soluble product are better absorbed by the body; providing a stronger effect than regular CBD.

Moreover, thanks to the rich combination of cannabinoids and terpenes in the water soluble CBD, this product offers the best possible entourage effect. Combined with the luxurious organic tea blends by CBThee, this CBD Tea Fruit Explosion is unmatched in terms of effect, taste and usability. Try it yourself!

How to use CBD Tea Fruit Explosion:

  • Boil water
  • Fill a mug, cup or glass for tea with the boiling water
  • Take a pyramid bag CBD Tea from the jar and put it in the water
  • To taste, let the tea sit for 3-5 min. and let cool until it’s drinkable
  • Enjoy the delicious taste and energizing effects from CBD Tea Fruit Explosion

Recommended daily dosis: 1 cup of CBD Tea per day

Maximum daily dosis: 2 cups of CBD Tea per day


Grapes (grapes, vegetable oil) *, hibiscus *, banana (banana, coconut oil, cane sugar, honey) *, natural flavor, liquorice *, orange peel *, marigold yellow *, cinnamon *, apricot *, Water Soluble CBD * (Water, Curcumin, Vegetable Glycerin , triglycerides, Mycreen, Caryophyllene, Limolene, Pinene, Linalool, Sodium hydrogen carbonate, CBD, CBC, CBG).

*From certified organic cultivation

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