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Everything You Need to Know About Water-Soluble CBD

27 de February, 2023Mert Gokceimam

Most people who are familiar with CBD will have heard about or used oil-based formulas. But they aren’t always aware of the alternatives to oil, like water-soluble CBD.

As the type of product that you use can make a big difference to your experience, knowing what the alternatives are and how their effects can vary is extremely important. In this article, we’re going to focus on water-soluble CBD but it’s worth doing your own research to understand the full spectrum of CBD options available.

Making water-soluble CBD is not an easy process but it’s worth it – the benefits of this formation compared to oil-based CBD products are huge. So, here’s everything you need to know about water-soluble CBD.

What is water-soluble CBD?

Water-soluble CBD is CBD that has undergone a process to make it miscible with water. CBD is naturally fat-soluble and therefore hydrophobic, which means it will easily dissolve in oil but if added to water, it will just float on the surface.

By adding emulsifiers to CBD, we can transform it into a water-soluble product. This makes it more easily absorbed by your water-based body and helps to prevent wastage. The reason why it’s difficult to make water-soluble products is because CBD has a natural suitability towards oil-based formats, but the advantages of water-soluble CBD is a more effective product for the user.

Usage of water-soluble CBD

Available in a variety of forms, you can always find a water-soluble CBD product that best suits your lifestyle:

  • Liquid CBD is used for ready-to-drink beverages, liquid pump sprays. One of the best products on the market is of our own making: Bio-active+.
  • CBD gummies make accurate dosing simple and can disguise the taste of CBD if you’re not a fan.
  • Powder CBD is a great option if you plan to add water-soluble CBD to food or make your own CBD drinks at home.
  • CBD cosmeticsa great way to immerse your skin with CBD is via showering-gel, shampoo or lotions. In our collection you can find our CBD Body Gel.

How is water-soluble CBD made?

Emulsion or Nano-CBD

Food manufacturers have been using nanotechnology for years as it enables them to reduce the fat content of certain foods and stabilize emulsions so that the texture and shelf life are improved. This tried and tested method is now being utilized by the CBD industry to reduce the fat (oil) content of CBD.

The Nano-technology process involves breaking down CBD clusters into much smaller particles. Doing so creates a larger total surface area and means there are more contact points for the water to interact with the particles. The easier the interaction between the water and particles, the easier the particles are absorbed into the body. However Nano-technology in food isn’t fully researched yet, so possible side-effects are unknown.

Emulsion is another term you might hear – it can dissolve CBD in water with the help of emulsifiers, it will connect on one side with the CBD molecule and on the other side with a water molecule, which will make the CBD miscible with water and therefore your body can better absorb the molecules. CBD active+ is a product that uses emulsifiers, so you can enjoy CBD in your tea or beverage. The product is made with ingredients, which were selected with uttermost care. All of the emulsifiers are used for decades in the food-industry. So, it is with 99% certainty, that no unwanted/unexpected side-effects will occur.

What are the benefits of water-soluble CBD?

The benefits of CBD are multifold – you can read all about them in our CBD 101 guide. In addition to this, water-soluble CBD has its own unique benefits.

Better taste

Water has no taste or smell, so it does a good job of creating a neutral-tasting CBD product. In comparison, CBD oil often uses carrier oils with strong flavors like coconut oil or olive oil.

The improved taste associated with water-soluble CBD means it is more enjoyable to consume and is more versatile in terms of adding it to food and drink.

Faster absorption

Water-soluble CBD particles are already in an easily absorbable form when they enter the body. This means no time is wasted breaking down the CBD into smaller particles that can be absorbed, as must happen with CBD oil.

The end result is that the full benefits of CBD can be realized far quicker with water-soluble formulas.

Easier absorption

Water-soluble CBD has up to 4.5x more bioavailability than other forms. This is partly because the increased surface area of water-soluble CBD particles enables easier absorption in the bloodstream. Easier absorption means less work for the body, which in turn means more particles can be absorbed.

Think of it this way: a conveyor belt is running past you with an array of items on it. Your job is to grab as many items as possible as they pass you by. If there is an extra step in the process – for example, having to take the packaging off the items before you can remove them – then you will be able to remove fewer items.

The biggest reason why easier absorption is such a benefit is that it reduces product wastage. Less wastage means more CBD is absorbed and you end up with better value for your money.

Is water-soluble CBD better than CBD oil?

There are different benefits to CBD oil and water-soluble CBD but generally speaking, the latter is a better product for many people. This is mainly down to its increased bioavailability:

  • CBD oil is broken down once it reaches the liver, with only 6-12% of the available cannabinoids being digested before that.
  • On the other hand, water-soluble CBD ensures that up to 100% of the active ingredients are absorbed.
  • Easier absorption means water-soluble CBD often provides a more consistent dosage.

Dutch Natural Healing’s CBDactive+ formulation is 10x as effective as regular CBD oil. This means you can take less to achieve the desired effects, resulting in a cheaper product.

How to use water-soluble CBD

Water-soluble CBD can be used much the same as other forms of CBD. There is a wide range of ready-to-go consumer goods available on the market, including

  • CBD capsules
  • CBD gummies & other edibles
  • CBD elixirs & tinctures
  • CBD nebulizers & sprays

You can also opt to buy water-soluble CBD powders, crystals, or pastes. These can be used to create your own CBD drinks and food at home.

Water-soluble CBD FAQs

What is water-soluble CBD good for?

Water-soluble CBD is good for anyone who wants fast-acting CBD with a high absorption rate. It’s also highly convenient and great for ensuring accurate dosing.

How effective is water-soluble CBD?

Compared to other forms of CBD, water-soluble formulas are incredibly effective. They have high bioavailability, which means CBD can be absorbed quickly and easily into the bloodstream. This means less of the product is wasted and you get to feel its full benefits.

Does water-soluble CBD work faster?

The evidence suggests that water-soluble CBD works faster than CBD oil, thanks to its increased compatibility with the human body. When you use water-soluble CBD, you therefore experience its positive effects in a shorter amount of time. 

How much water-soluble CBD should I use?

Everyone’s physiological makeup is different, so the amount of water-soluble CBD required to produce the same effect can vary from person to person. There’s no way of knowing your ideal dosage until you’ve experimented with what works for you.

If taking CBDactive+, we recommend starting with around 1-2 drops once or twice a day, unless the product packaging specifically advises otherwise. From there, you can gradually increase the dose to reach the desired effect.

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