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CBD when pregnant: Is CBD safe to use during pregnancy?

Apr 25, 2021Mert Gokceimam

Science shows that CBD oil might be perfect to battle nausea. So logically, you’d think it could also be effective against morning sickness or vomiting of pregnancy. Moreover, Cannabidiol could potentially treat inevitable pain during the pregnancy and stimulate a better night’s rest. But is it safe to use CBD while pregnant?

Avoid toxins during pregnancy

It is a known fact that toxins such as alcohol, tobacco and other recreational substances are not safe to use during pregnancy. This has all to do with the possible effects these toxins might have on the development of the unborn child. But what about the all-natural and not-intoxicating substance: Cannabidiol (CBD)?

Because as research shows, this vegetal cannabinoid from hemp holds some characteristics which could be greatly beneficial during the pregnancy. Logically, you’d think it wouldn’t be a problem to use CBD oil while pregnant. But is it safe for you and your unborn child to use hemp oil during the pregnancy?

ECS and pregnancy

Until now, there hasn’t been evidence found associating cannabis-use with a heightened risk on birth defects or life-threatening circumstances. However, medical professionals do not fully encourage the use of CBD during pregnancy. Mostly because there is still a lot to learn about CBD oil’s influence on the pregnancy and developing child. 

After all, Cannabidiol engages with our body’s own endocannabinoid system (ECS) to help regulate all sorts of processes in the body. This also includes the womb during pregnancy, with its amazing connection between the mother and child during this time. While you’d think it is no problem to use vegetal cannabinoids in support of your body’s ECS; there is a chance you overload your ECS with too much extra cannabinoids from hemp oil, too. The question is though, would this impact the unborn child’s development in any way?

Science vs. Anecdotal advice

Considering how difficult it is to research Cannabidiol; it is not surprising to learn there’s never been a clinical trial experimenting with CBD during pregnancy. Luckily though, there’s a lot of anecdotal evidence to rely on. Especially because there are a lot of moms-to-be who simply trust CBD-rich hemp oil enough to try it while they’re carrying a child. 

This has mostly to do with the great interaction CBD has with our body’s own ECS. Though what also helps is the fact that CBD oil does not offer any unwanted or dangerous side-effects at all; increasing the feeling of safety with its user. While it does appear to be effective against morning sickness, pain, inflammation, insomnia and tention. 


Most of the studies available on cannabis-use during pregnancy focus on all cannabinoids, with a special attention for THC. This is the psychoactive ‘cousin’ of CBD, which can produce a high or stoned feeling. One 2018-study shows that cannabis use (so not only CBD) during pregnancy is associated with a lower birth weight. Though it is unsure how the women used cannabis during the research. If they’d been smoking it, with or without tobacco, this could be of great influence to the results of the study. 

Besides, there are other studies which do not show any consequences for the use of cannabis during pregnancy. One 1994-study performed in Jamaica, for example, found no significant differences in newborns exposed to cannabis in the womb; compared to babies that weren’t exposed to cannabis. Suggesting that the use of cannabis during the pregnancy did not affect the baby’s development at all.

Moreover, this study was followed-up. Showing that children that were exposed to cannabis were performing better after a month, compared to the children that weren’t exposed to cannabinoids during the pregnancy. The ‘canna-babies’ reportedly performed better in areas such as autonomous stability, quality of alertness, irritability, and self regulation. 


While it may look like CBD oil is not dangerous to use when pregnant, science does not offer us a clear answer. Though some studies show that there are a few effects to be wary of. Considering that the endocannabinoid system plays an important roll in the fetal and neural development. 

Though it is a fact that moms-to-be have been using cannabis during their pregnancy for decades already. With most reporting that their child does not suffer any consequences from it. Fact of the matter remains, that being pregnant is a very tough time. And all kinds of ailments may arise, which could seriously impact your life’s quality. So when there’s a choice to make between a chemical pharmaceutical against morning sickness, or all-natural and organic CBD oil; a growing body of women choose the latter. 

CBD during pregnancy

It is not advised to use CBD while pregnant, though we understand that it might be the safer option in some cases. When your situation requires CBD, always make sure to discuss the possibilities with your doctor first. Also, choose organic CBD oil from the trusted suppliers such as Dutch Natural Healing. Avoid smoking at all times, micro-dose when needed and avoid high-THC products to decrease the possible risks. 

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