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Discover our new collection of delicious and effective hemp CBD Tea. Four tasteful organic tea blends with real fruit, flowers and herbs from CBThee. Which we’ve carefully empowered with the best Cannabidiol-rich hemp extract possible. As the cannabinoid is naturally not soluble in water, we used our unique Dutch Natural Healing water-soluble CBD formula for the best effects in our Tea blends. Thanks to the high bioavailability and wide variety of cannabinoids and terpenes in the extract, this CBD tea provides the best possible entourage-effect.

CBD Tea with mango and lime Discover this full flavored black tea from the south of India with 5mg water-soluble CBD from Dutch Natural Healing per serving. Perfect..
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CBD Fruit Tea The name of this ‘Fruit Explosion’ says all about this excitingly rich, fruity and surprisingly complete tea blend with 5 mg watersoluble CBD from Dutch Natur..
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Green Tea with organic lemon and CBD Discover this reinvented classic CBD Tea ‘Organic Lemon’: green tea lemon with 5mg water-soluble CBD per serving. A rich blend of green..
Ex Tax:€20.14
White Blossom tea with CBD Discover our floral ‘White Blossom’ CBD Tea with 5mg CBD per serving. A delicious and luxurious blend of white and green tea from China, with a d..
Ex Tax:€20.14
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Tea with water-soluble CBD

CBD Tea is one of the numerous ways to enjoy the benefits of hemp’s cannabinoids, besides using CBD Oil. While the latter is one of the most popular consumption methods due to its believed efficacy. Our innovative Tea Blends with CBD might give some oils a run for their money. As we have re-invented CBD Tea to make it even more effective than conventional hemp oil.

Tea with CBD that actually works

CBD Tea sounds easier to make than it actually is. Because as you could steep some hemp leaves in boiled water to get a hemp-flavored infusion. You will actually not benefit from the cannabinoids and other active ingredients on those leaves. This is due to the fact that cannabinoids are not soluble in water. In fact, cannabinoids need to bind to a fat (like milk, butter or coco oil) for us to be able to process them at all.

However, we at Dutch Natural Healing want to offer the possibility to enjoy a cup of delicious and organic tea, without having to unnecessarily add milk or coconut oil. So we have re-invented the concept of CBD Tea; and present you with our innovative and highly effective Tea Blends with CBD.

Water-soluble CBD formula

To actually make effective CBD Tea without having to add unnecessary fats, we have invented a special formula called CBDactive+. This formula binds the present cannabinoids to a so-called lipoprotein. Making the fatty components soluble in water, and enhancing the bioavailability of cannabinoids like Cannabidiol (CBD) to 100%! Meaning that you will fully benefit from every mg of CBD in your tea, thanks to our unique and highly innovative CBDactive+ formula.

As the Cannabidiol and other cannabinoids in our full spectrum CBD Tea are already bound to a lipoprotein; they can skip the ‘first-pass effect’ in our digestive system. This process usually happens when you orally ingest unprocessed cannabinoids, and it’s responsible for the loss of a large part of the ingested cannabinoids.

Thanks to the CBDactive+ formula used in our tea blends though, there is no loss of cannabinoids at all. As they safely travel through the digestive system into our bloodstream; after which you can enjoy all the benefits CBD has to offer. Due to the high bioavailability of CBDactive+ infused tea blends, most consumers experience an effect of up to 10x stronger compared to when they consume the same dose of regular CBD.

Delicious Tea Blends with 5mg full spectrum CBD

DNH’s CBD Tea Blends are carefully selected in collaboration with some of the best tea producers in Europe. All made with organic certified materials, and no added flavors or coloring. The deliciously tasting tea's are composed of fresh dried tea leaves, flowers, herbs and fruits in various surprisingly aromatic blends.

Our CBD Tea is infused with our full-spectrum CBDactive+ formula. Meaning that besides 5mg of the highest quality Cannabidiol, the blends contain all of the other cannabinoids which are naturally present in the hemp plant. Combined with a variety of hemp-natural terpenes to keep the CBD Tea’s effect as close to the plant as possible. This tea offers the best possible entourage effect on your health and well-being, just like nature intended.

Discover your new favorite way of using CBD, with DNH’s 5mg CBD Tea Blends.

Benefits of CBD Tea

CBD Tea can be used at any moment of the day, as an alternative or addition to your regular cannabinoid-intake. It combines the ultimate relaxing sensation of having a warm cup of tea, with the possibility of enjoying the amazing health benefits CBD is known to offer. Pick an energizing or relaxing tea blend to give your days and well-being that extra boost we all can use from time to time.

How to use CBD Tea

To use our CBD Tea blends, steep the tea 3-5 minutes in boiling hot water. The longer you steep the tea, the stronger the taste is going to be. The tea needs to steep at least 2 minutes for the CBDactive+ to be released into the water. Cool the tea down and refrigerate to make CBD Ice Tea.

For more information about our innovative CBD Tea contact our CBD customer service or try our blends!

Lars Opdam

By Lars Opdam

Lars Opdam is founder and CEO of Dutch Natural Healing (DNH), one of the largest CBD oil producers in Europe. In the EIHA’s new publication ‘Our Stories: The people behind hemp’, we learn how he came to where he is today. As he explains his story, from farmer to CEO of a benchmark CBD oil producing company, operating in the top layer of the hemp industry.

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