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CBG Oil | Cannabigerol - a mix of CBG & CBD

CBG oil by Dutch Natural Healing contains a combination of Cannabigerol (CBG) and Cannabidiol (CBD); and all other active ingredients and cannabinoids present in cannabis. CBG is extracted from EU-certified hemp plants and like CBD, has NO psychoactive effect. CBG oil is therefor also safe consume by children and animals.

CBG oil - A mix of CBG(a) and CBD CBG oil 20ml - 3% (600mg) from Dutch Natural Healing contains a 1:1 combination of 300mg Cannabigerol (CBG), 300mg Cannabidiol (CBD) and a..
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The difference between CBD and CBG is not limited to just that one letter. In fact, Cannabigerol (CBG) interacts completely different with our body’s own cannabinoid system than Cannabidiol (CBD) - from the same hemp plant - does. But how is that exactly, and what effects can you expect from CBG oil? Discover what scientific research has found about that until now.

What is CBG Oil? Discover the difference between CBD and CBG

What is Cannabigerol (CBG) from CBG oil?

Just like Cannabidiol (CBD), Cannabigerol (CBG) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid from hemp. A very important one, might we add. Considering that CBG is the precursor of two of the most prevalent cannabinoids in hemp and cannabis plants. That means that both CBD and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) at some point were CBG-molecules, before they’re eventually converted into another cannabinoid in the plant. Just like we explained in our previous blog: ‘What is CBG Oil? Discover the difference between CBD and CBG'

This also means that Cannabigerol generally exists in higher concentrations in early harvested hemp plants. After all, most of it is already converted into CBD or THC in plants that are ready for harvest. That’s why you’ll only find small amounts of the substance in the majority of CBD products available, in support of the entourage effect. However, CBG oil can have a positive impact on our well-being, just like CBD oil can. Though Cannabigerol does that differently than Cannabidiol from CBD oil does…

CBG Oil effects

What does CBG oil actually do?

Where CBG oil differs from CBD, is that it interacts with other cannabinoid receptors than CBD oil does. So it also affects the body differently causing other effects than CBD alone. CBG is mainly believed to offer a calming effect, as it relaxes the nerves in the body. Some consumers report CBG oil helps them sleep better, providing realistic and more importantly, positive dreams - and an overall positive effect on their well-being.

CBG’s effect on the ECS

CBD is known for inhibiting the break down of our ‘happiness molecules’, like anandamide and 2-AG. These body’s own cannabinoids are signaling substances (neurotransmitters) that belong to our endocannabinoid system (ECS). Proven by a growing body of research, this is the reason behind CBD’s efficacy in the body. As CBD is able to bring more balance to your hormonal state, giving your body the chance to restore itself better. It is also the main reason behind CBD’s uplifting effects, for example. Though CBG appears to have another interaction with our endocannabinoid system.

Relaxing effects of CBG

Because where CBD focuses on delaying the breakdown of 2-AG and anandamide; CBG oil on the other hand inhibits the breakdown of GABA. This is an amino acid we naturally produce as well, and is mainly responsible for taming certain stimuli in the brain. Accordingly, GABA helps regulate mobility, eyesight and a number of emotional responses; like anxiety and stress.

This CBG and GABA-induced relaxation is mainly physical, at first. Considering it helps reduce muscle tension and in general helps reduce extreme nerve-activity; possibly resulting in a feeling of rest and relaxation in the body.

Though according to research, CBG is also able to help regulate the fight- or flight reaction, which the human body naturally activates in stressful situations. However, in some cases the body activates this stress unnecessarily - possibly causing chronic stress and anxiety disorders as a result. Luckily, Cannabigerol is able to modulate the α2-adrenergicreceptor, reducing the release of the arousing neurotransmitter norepinephrin or noradrenalin causing the stress. In other words, CBG oil could calm the body and mind by the unique effect on these receptors of the ECS.

CBG oil effects in the body

Besides, there are a few other properties of cannabigerol being researched by science. For example, there are studies claiming that the cannabinoid might have painkilling properties. That might have to do with the muscle and nerve-relaxing results of CBG’s interaction with the receptors explained above. Though what also might play a part, are the substance’s anti-inflammatory properties. Because other research shows that CBG has strong anti-inflammatory powers; which could possibly prevent oxidative stress too. This is also proven in another study, which mainly focused on CBG’s possible anti-inflammatory properties in the digestive system. Showing promising effects of battling Crohn’s disease in the intestines.

Moreover, CBG appears to have neuroprotective properties as well. Offering promising possibilities in delaying the onset and development of Huntington’s disease, for example. Though we have to note these are preliminary results based on mice. So it is absolutely no guarantee that CBG oil might help Huntington’s. But it will definitely not harm!

Buy CBG oil online

CBG oil, like CBD oil, is a substance you can legally order and ship to most parts of the world. Order the best CBG oil online from Dutch Natural Healing and choose for guaranteed quality. Our products are carefully developed to deliver the best results, are safe to use and proven effective. For advise on CBG oil, the use or effects of CBG oil or other Dutch Natural Healing products, please contact our customer service.

Lars Opdam

By Lars Opdam

Lars Opdam is founder and CEO of Dutch Natural Healing (DNH), one of the largest CBD oil producers in Europe. In the EIHA’s new publication ‘Our Stories: The people behind hemp’, we learn how he came to where he is today. As he explains his story, from farmer to CEO of a benchmark CBD oil producing company, operating in the top layer of the hemp industry.

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