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Frequently asked questions about CBD

Have you got any questions about CBD or the service Dutch Natural Healing provides? Maybe you’re having questions about ordering, the whereabouts of your parcel or the use of the product you ordered. Whatever it is you want to know, have a look at our most Frequently Asked Questions below. Didn’t find an answer to your questions? Contact us!

What is CBD?

CBD is short for ‘Cannabidiol’. This is one of the many active components (known as Cannabinoids) found naturally in hemp and cannabis. Other known cannabinoids are THC (known for its psychoactive effects) and CBG, CBC and CBN - to name a few. All these cannabinoids interact with our body differently, causing varying effects when consumed. And although there are around 150 cannabinoids in hemp identified by scientists, our farmer believes some hemp varieties may house more than a thousand active elements! 

What is CBD oil or hemp oil?

CBD oil or hemp oil is the most common form of CBD known to the public. Re-introduced to the modern world about a decade ago (but used by humanity for thousands of years) these diluted hemp extracts contain only CBD; or a certain amount of CBD supported by a variety of lesser concentrated cannabinoids and/or terpenes. It is often made by diluting a raw hemp extract with a carrier oil like hemp seed oil, MCT oil or salmon oil. 

What effects does CBD oil cause?

Consumers say our CBD oil helps support their health and overall well-being in numerous ways, and this seems to be supported by a growing number of scientific studies. Although we cannot make any medical claims about this food supplement, nor is any of the information you find on our website meant as medical advice. Always contact a medical doctor when ailments persist or don’t get better with CBD oil. 

How does CBD work in the body?

Preliminary research shows that CBD oil - but also CBD Topical Patches, capsules and cosmetics with CBD - impact the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). This is an important communication network, essential to the survival and general well-being of humans and animals. This happens through the activation of cannabinoid-receptors (CB-receptors), present throughout the whole body. Normally, this happens naturally with endocannabinoids (endo = body’s own). But when the body is not able to produce enough of these, it might help to support your body with vegetal cannabinoids like CBD. 

Is there THC in CBD oil?

Full Spectrum CBD oil does contain trace amounts of THC. Though Dutch Natural Healing makes sure the THC-levels in our products stay under 0,05%, in compliance of EU-regulations. With these low amounts it is impossible to experience a high or stoned feeling; and the products are 100% legal in most countries. 

What is Full Spectrum CBD Oil and Broad Spectrum CBD oil?

When CBD oil is ‘Full Spectrum’, this means that it contains not only CBD; but also all other cannabinoids and terpenes from hemp are present. In contrast, broad spectrum oil also contains more than just CBD; but does not contain even trace amounts of THC. And although THC alone or in high concentrations may cause a high or stoned feeling; in a CBD-dominant full spectrum product like ours, trace amounts of THC - up to 0,05% in compliance of EU-regulations - greatly support CBD’s entourage effect without causing a high. 

Can I get high from CBD oil?

Considering that CBD oil does not contain high amounts of THC - when made correctly by a trusted producer like Dutch Natural Healing - it is safe to say CBD oil will not get you high.

What are terpenes in CBD oil?

Terpenes are the aromatic compounds that give each hemp or cannabis strain its unique scent and taste. Like cannabinoids, terpenes add to the beneficial effects of a hemp extract or CBD hemp oil; supporting the entourage effect. In various proportions and compositions, terpenes actually steer the effect of cannabinoids. In short, CBD products with lost of Limonene (also found in lemons) for example, will have a more active effect. While CBD products carrying terpenes like Myrceen (also found in Mango and hop) and Linalool (also found in Lavender) will offer a more calm and relaxing effect. 

What is the entourage effect?

In short, the entourage effect is a synergetic collaboration between all the cannabinoids and terpenes in hemp oil. Synergy actually means that ‘the creation of a whole is greater than the simple sum of its parts’. Dutch Natural Healing CBD oil and hemp extracts provide some of the greatest entourage effects possible.

How to use CBD oil?

CBD oil is often consumed by dropping a few drops under the tongue with a pipette, and letting it sit for at least a minute before swallowing it. This allows the available CBD to be absorbed better through the mouth’s mucous membrane. For easier and cleaner dosing of CBD oil, we also offer the possibility to order a loose spray-head with your CBD oil product. 

Who can use CBD or hemp oil ?

In essence, CBD oil is safe for everyone to use. Adults, children and even our beloved pets may benefit from the positive impact CBD can have on our health. Please note though, not all products are suited for everyone to use. Some CBD products may only be for adults, while other CBD oil is also suited for kids. Pets require a different CBD oil too, as you can read under ‘What is the best CBD oil for pets’.

What CBD oil do I need ?

Depending on your physical condition, needs and desires, there are numerous CBD products and CBD oils to choose from. To know what CBD product is best for your needs, feel free to contact our customer service. We are happy to give you personal advice and help you select the right hemp oil. Based on scientific research and customer experience, we always find the best CBD product to help you. 

What is the best CBD oil for pets?

Just like humans, pets might greatly benefit from CBD. Though not all CBD products are suited for animals. For example, cats cannot handle terpenes like humans or other animals can. So we make sure our CBD oil for cats is completely terpene-free. Our CBD for dogs and other CBD for pets does contain terpenes. But it also contains a lower cannabinoid-concentration compared to human CBD oil, for better and precise dosage. Furthermore, all of our pet CBD products are made with salmon oil for a tastier experience and easy administration. 

What are hemp extracts?

Hemp extracts are made by taking hemp plant material, and extracting the active components from the flowers, leaves and stems of the plant. Although Dutch Natural Healing extracts are made using only the tops of organic cultivated hemp plants for the best results. Using a supercritical CO2-extraction method, all cannabinoids and terpenes are extracted from hemp fast and clean. This results in a basic hemp extract known as pure CBD paste.

What is pure CBD Paste?

CBD Paste is the raw and pure extract you get after you put hemp plant material or biomass through an extraction process using gas or alcohol for example. These methods result in a thick, dark matter we know as CBD Paste. Besides a certain amount of CBD, you’ll also find other cannabinoids and hemp’s aromatic terpenes in CBD Paste. Because of the thick structure of this substance, it is often offered in handy syringes. 

What are CBD isolate crystals?

CBD Isolate, otherwise known as CBD crystals or powder, is the purest form of Cannabidiol in the world. As it is the hemp extract as mentioned above, purified and isolated until all other present components are separated from the CBD. CBD crystals has various uses, thanks to its purity. 

How to use CBD isolate?

Considering the purity of CBD crystals, this product can be vaped or used to increase any CBD concentration in oils for example. It is also suited to produce your own CBD oil from scratch, by mixing a specific amount of crystals with any carrying oil; like hemp seed oil, MCT oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, salmon oil. Pure CBD crystals are also easy to consume by melting a small amount under the tongue. Though a CBD only oil made with CBD crystals will not be as effective as a full-spectrum CBD oil. 

What is the percentage of CBD oil?

When talking about CBD oil, many companies mention a certain percentage. Percentages of CBD oil may vary from anywhere between 1% to 50%; and they show the concentration rate of Cannabidiol in the product. So, a 10ml bottle with 25% CBD would mean the product contains roughly 2500mg CBD. Yet a 20ml bottle with 25% CBD comes to a total of 5000mg CBD. When buying CBD oil, do not only look at the percentage of CBD; but rather check the contents (or compare costs) per mg of CBD. 

What is the right CBD dosage?

The right CBD dosage may vary per person. It is believed that this has to do with a difference in the amount of CB-receptors each person has in his or her body. These receptors are part of our endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is responsible for our body’s interaction with vegetal cannabinoids as CBD. We often recommend to start off with 1 or 2 drops, 1-2 times a day and work the dosage up when needed. For advice on CBD dosage and use, please contact us.

When is it better to not use CBD?

It is not recommended to use CBD when pregnant or during lactation. 

Can you overdose on CBD?

Considering CBD’s chemical make-up and interaction with the body, it is physically impossible to overdose on Cannabidiol. Too much of the substance will cause you to yawn and feel ready for bed, at the most. Though it is not advisable to give children high amounts of CBD when it is not necessarily needed. 

Can I drive a car or partake in traffic while on CBD oil?

Yes, CBD oil is safe to use in traffic. Especially considering CBD does not cause a high or stoned feeling, nor does it alter your conscience.

What is weed oil or cannabis oil with THC?

Cannabis oil or weed oil are terms that are sometimes confused with CBD oil. But whereas CBD oil will not get you high, or give you a sedative ‘stoned’ feeling; weed oil will. That is because CBD oil only contains trace amounts of the psychoactive cannabinoid THC. Though in cannabis- or weed oil it is the most prevalent substance. Because of this, cannabis oil or weed oil will induce a psychoactive high or stone. Weed oil, in contrary to CBD, is illegal in most parts of the world. Although it is believed to offer some health benefits too.

Why is our signature CBD Oil the most copied CBD product?

Our signature CBD oil with 8% CBD is one of the most copied CBD products in the world. That is because Dutch Natural Healing CBD oil contains the widest variety of cannabinoids to support CBD’s effects; a phenomenon known as the entourage-effect. A unique mix of aromatic, beneficial and most importantly, natural terpenes, ensures our CBD oil offers the best entourage effect you can possibly get. With this product we’ve set a benchmark dozens of CBD companies tried to copy over the past few years, though none succeeded. 

How do we produce the best CBD oil?

At Dutch Natural Healing we take great pride in our high quality standards set during and after the production process. We are involved with the production of our CBD oil from start to finish and guarantee the best possible quality with our consistent quality control and production logs. Our farm uses only the best hemp varieties and cultivates them in a fair and organic way. After which the extraction is done in a highly controlled environment and with the upmost care. Then the extracts, oils and terpenes are transported to our ISO-certified laboratory where they are processed into the most effective CBD oils on the market. 

What is water soluble CBD?

Regular, full-spectrum CBD products are fats or fatty oils, which are difficult to absorb by the mouth’s tissue and easily broken down by the liver. So no more than 6-12% of the available cannabinoids are actually absorbed when consumed orally in the form of CBD oil. In other words, regular CBD oil has a ‘low bioavailability’. Water soluble CBD like our CBDactive+ however, ensures that all active ingredients are fully (thus 100%) absorbed by the body - the highest bioavailability possible.

Is water soluble CBD better than regular CBD oil?

The high bioavailability of CBD with CBDactive+, compared to regular CBD oil, logically makes water soluble CBD way more effective. To put it in perspective, the effect of CBDactive+ with 4% CBD is comparable to a regular oil containing 40% CBD! As you might expect, the high bioavailability and efficacy as a result, make this product a cheaper alternative to normal CBD oil too. As NO CBD is wasted by the body after consumption.

Is the 4% CBDactive+ too light?

Thanks to the high bioavailability of water soluble CBD, a 4% CBDactive+ product is comparable to a regular CBD oil with 40% CBD. Though in some cases the 8% CBDactive+ PURE is the better choice. To be sure which product you should choose, get in touch! We’d love to help you find the right CBD product for your needs. 

How to use CBD?

Apart from the oral use of CBD through CBD oil, there are numerous other ways to consume CBD. From edibles and drinkable forms of the cannabinoid, to the topical application of CBD cream or water-based CBD gels. Another very effective way of using CBD to benefit your well-being, is with the use of transdermal CBD topical patches. Vaporizing CBD is also possible. Though we think the only responsible way of inhaling cannabinoids is with the use of our water soluble CBDactive+ in combination with a nebulizer. 

What is CBG oil?

CBG is undoubtedly one of the most important cannabinoids ever; as it is the precursor of both THC and CBD. This means that before CBD reaches its final form, it starts off as CBG. Where CBG oil differs from CBD, is that it interacts with other cannabinoid receptors than CBD oil. So it also affects the body differently - causing other effects than CBD alone. CBG is mainly believed to offer a calming effect, as it relaxes the nerves in the body. Some consumers report CBG oil helps them sleep better, providing realistic and more importantly, positive dreams - and an overall positive effect on their well-being.

What is the difference between hemp and cannabis?

Hemp and cannabis are both part of the Cannabis Sativa L. family. Though the biggest difference is that hemp contains larger amounts of CBD and other cannabinoids, than it contains THC. In contrast to modern cannabis strains, which are bred to contain higher amounts of the psychoactive cannabinoid and less CBD and other cannabinoids. Oil extracted from cannabis therefor is not the same as hemp CBD oil, and might cause unwanted effects. Read more under ‘What is weed oil or cannabis oil with THC

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

At Dutch Natural Healing we do everything in our ability to ship out your order as soon as placed - so you can enjoy our product’s benefits as soon as possible. Orders placed before 4PM on working days are often sent out on the same day. From that point on, it can take anywhere between a day and a few weeks for your parcel to arrive. This mostly depends on the postal service in the receiving country. 

My parcel seems to be delayed, what can I do?

Sometimes it may take a bit longer for your parcel to arrive than normal. In case this happens, please check the tracking information sent to you per email. If the parcel seems to be delayed, stuck or the tracking doesn’t show any information - please contact us. We’re happy to help and always find a solution, when needed. 

How can I order CBD oil?

At Dutch Natural Healing we offer various ways to order CBD. First and foremost, our webshop is an easy way to order your CBD oil. If you have any questions or if you can’t finalize your order through the webshop, give us a call! We’re happy to help you place your order through the phone. 

How can I pay for my CBD oil?

We offer various ways to pay for your CBD order. Depending on where you’re from, we offer payment through debit and credit card, bank transfer, bitcoin and afterpay.