Shoutout from our CEO 2021 - Dutch Natural Healing

Shoutout from our CEO 2021

08 de December, 2021Lars Opdam

Dear Friends and Family of DNH

My message at the end of this year is a clear one: LEAN ON US. Bringing physical and mental relief is what we stand for; it's what we do. Positive energy is what we give. Our whole team is there to help and advise everyone, every day, and we lovingly ship our products all over the world. Where other brands and merchants have become aggressive- and often dishonest- marketing machines, we still pride ourselves on our personal and empathetic approach as well as providing the most honest CBD products in the world.
This is also my direct invitation to you. When you are at a loss or when things are just really tough, we are here for you, especially in these times and also in this month; we are here for you. In the news, we can all see that in these pandemic times we are growing further apart, and groups are increasingly pitted against each other, while we should in fact be shoulder to shoulder. It pains me to have to see this. To put our money where our mouth is, we are offering a discount code for the entire month of December. Additionally, we also ask that you reach out to us if you feel the need. We promise that when you -or a loved one- need(s) help and we can provide it, we will be there and offer a helping hand. Please come to us in Castricum, contact us by email, by phone or by a message when ordering, and we will talk to you. Everyone is welcome. Young or old, vaccinated or not, sick or healthy. Helping people is what we do, also if you are a dog owner or cat mother.
To be able to add even more power to the positive effects and possibilities of CBD, we have developed an extra powerful CBD patch, upon popular demand. Besides our normal 15mg patch, we now have an extra strong variant with 30mg of CBD. The patches are effective and easy to use, so certainly worth a try. Our festive Christmas discount campaign kicks off right away and if you use discount code XMAS when ordering, we will grant 25% discount on all our products.
Also, this month you can try our Premium Gold edition at half price. We have also prepared a €45 Christmas gift pack which is worth €100, and which we will send gift-wrapped. So, you can also do your bit and have something nice to give away or have delivered.
I am writing this message with a heavy heart. Today we received very bad news about Brigitte, the wife of our colleague Fred. Unfortunately, she had to give up her fight against cancer and she will be leaving us soon. We are all very sad and our thoughts go out to Fred and his son Sjoerd.❤️
For what it is worth, all that remains is for me to wish you happy holidays and especially good health in 2022. Enjoy each other and help each other out a little more. Although it may seem that we have more than enough time now, it won't always be that way. Please remember.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas,

Lars Opdam,

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