Dr. Ganja is the first official distributor of our EU-made Dutch Natural Healing CBD products in the USA - Dutch Natural Healing

Dr. Ganja is the first official distributor of our EU-made Dutch Natural Healing CBD products in the USA

02 de December, 2021Mert Gokceimam

Hemp oil is a popular food supplement, used by millions of people worldwide; in efforts to increase their well-being and support their health. And while CBD consumers in the United States used to rely on local producers or sit out long delivery times from the EU. DNH is now proud to say that Dr. Ganja is the first official importer and distributor of our EU-made, Dutch Natural Healing CBD products in the United States.

Official DNH distributor: Dr. Ganja

Dr. Ganja is a reputable cannabis company, which started out as a facilitator in the medical cannabis community in 2009. Partnering up with a doctor to prescribe medical cannabis cards to patients in the early days of medical weed, out in California.

From there on out, the company grew and expanded; as it started to focus more on the development and cultivation of their own cannabis and hemp strains. Eventually Dr. Ganja started exploring the cultivation of CBD dominant hemp varieties in 2011.

However, it was not until 2017 that Dr. Ganja launched an online CBD marketplace with one simple goal: ‘To bring people all around the world the best variety of legal canna-based products for the best price, best service, with free and fast shipping within the U.S. (and affordable international shipping).’ As they claim themselves on drganja.com.

Hemp oil in the US

By 2018, Dr. Ganja is offering hundreds of different hemp and cannabis products from leading CBD brands. An assortment that’s been constantly reviewed in the years after, to ensure they offer very best selection of CBD hemp oil and related products in the United States.

And while most hemp oils offered by Dr. Ganja come from producers in the States, using raw materials from the US too. We at Dutch Natural Healing were lucky enough to be adopted into their selection of high-end CBD products sold online on drganja.com. For the first time ever, our European made DNH CBD oil is now officially imported and distributed in the United States - by our friends at Dr. Ganja.

DNH Brand CBD oil

Dutch Natural Healing CBD Oil is proudly made with our own, organic and EU-certified raw hemp materials. Carrying - next to a variety of cannabinoids - a wide range of hemp derived terpenes to support the product’s entourage-effect to the max. Resulting in some of the most effective CBD hemp oil available today. And thanks to our friends at DrGanja.com, you can easily order Dutch CBD hemp oil online in the United States. Shipped locally, fast and trustworthy as a result of our close partnership.

CBD Benefits

Consumers report that DNH’s carefully developed hemp oil blends could potentially help soothe all sorts of ailments and discomforts. This is due to Cannabidiol’s (CBD) unique interaction with the body’s own endocannabinoid system (ECS). To learn more about how CBD oil works in the body, and what effects hemp oil could have on your health and well-being, visit our CBD blog or contact our customer service.

Please note CBD is a food supplement and is no medicine. The information in this blog is merely educational and in no way substitutes medical advice.

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