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What are the benefits of curcumin with CBD Oil

10 de August, 2020Mert Gokceimam

Nature is filled with substances that can have a positive impact on our lives. The ones we focus on most are hemp’s cannabinoids, like CBD. Though these are far from the only organic compounds with possible health benefits found in plants. As we’ve discovered, Curcumin might be a good runner-up to the cannabinoid. If it’s processed and consumed correctly, that is, like in our CBD Curcumin Edition:

Benefits of CBD

You might already know all about the benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD). This substance from hemp interacts with our endocannabinoid system (ECS); and influences the body’s most important processes. Science believes that this way the organic compound restores a state of ‘homeostasis’ in the body - the ideal balance between all the bodily functions that keep us alive and make our body thrive.

Apart from the positive impact on our well-being, CBD appears to be a great aid in treating a variety of ailments. Accordingly, some consumers report that CBD oil helps with pain management, restores mental well-being and generally gets you in a better physical and mental state, really.

Though cannabinoids like CBD are not the only natural substances worth exploring. Especially when you’re trying to battle pain, inflammation or simply want to enhance your well-being using organic supplements. In fact, nature is full of beneficial substances that positively influence our physique and the way we feel. One that we at Dutch Natural Healing certainly think is worth mentioning, is Curcumin.

What is Curcumin?

Curcumin is a substance a lot of people might recognize from their spice-cabinet at home. As the yellow chemical is often used to produce delicious recipes, mainly found in Indian or other Asian cuisine. It comes from the so-called Curcuma longa plant (or turmeric), a root from the ginger family. And like you might expect by now, Curcumin is also widely used in dietary supplements, cosmetics and - mainly as natural coloring - also in beverages.

The interesting thing is though, that Curcumine is a curcuminoid from Turmeric; in the same way that CBD is a cannabinoid from hemp. Accordingly, it is believed that Turmeric provides a wide array of medical benefits. But just like CBD, it is hard to study the substance’s effects on the body. Though in this case, it is not because of the substance’s (il)legal status. In fact, it is because curcumin is a rather unstable substance with very low bioavailability. Meaning that the body doesn’t absorb it well, but rather breaks it down before it can do any good.

Benefits of Curcumin

Though preliminary research shows that when it does get absorbed well by the body, curcumin possesses amazing health benefits. It is believed the substance has strong anti-inflammatory qualities and helps with mobility issues. Especially when they’re caused by inflammation, think rheumatoid arthritis and similar diseases. Furthermore, it could also help with digestive issues like Crohn’s disease and help strengthen the immune system - among other things.

Much like CBD, curcumin received an unprecedented programming from nature. While we believe CBD is still ‘higher in rank’ on possible attributes and health benefits; curcumin appears to be a good runner-up to our favorite cannabinoid!

To benefit from Curcumin’s effects though, you’ll have to increase the bioavailability of the substance. And despite what you might’ve read online, mixing it with pepper or ginger will not do the trick enough for you to benefit from one of nature’s finest creations. What really does help though, is making the substance water-soluble. Just like we do with the CBD in our CBDactive+ to increase its bioavailability and efficacy.

Water-soluble Curcumin with CBD

By making it water-soluble, we ensure that the curcumin you consume is not broken down by the body’s digestive tract. Just like with CBD, it guarantees full absorption of the available ingredients. Which means you get to benefit from every single milligram presented in the product. Instead of it getting broken down by the same P450 cytochrome enzymes, that break down CBD in regular oils with low bioavailability.

Besides the curcuminoid, our CBD Curcumin Edition contains Cannabidiol, too. Carefully mixed in a 1:1 ratio, we found this is the perfect balance for you to get maximum benefits from both substances. Obviously, the CBD in this product is also water-soluble. Providing the best possible effects from the ‘best of two worlds.’ Interested in finding out what benefits this product may offer you? Get in touch or try it out:

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