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CBD cosmetics

CBD cosmetics

CBD empowered cream and CBD water based gel by DutchnaturalsTM

Dutchnaturals CBD cream for daily use and water-based CBD gel are of the highest quality; and suited for a wide variety of purposes and applications. These CBD cosmetics are produced with an organic, RAW processed, full-plant hemp extract. As a result, Dutchnaturals CBD topicals contain a wide range of cannabinoids and cannabinoid acids for the best results.

Our cosmetics smell vegetal, look natural, but work wonders. We guarantee.

  100% natural line of CBD skincare products with all RAW and FULL plant ingredients.

According to our valued farmers with generations of experience, our hemp extract contains over 500 active ingredients. All of which are found in our skincare products. Considering each compound offers a positive effect on the body and they support each others efficacy. A phenomenon known as the entourage-effect.

To ensure the active ingredients are represented, we chose a concentration of 250mg per 100ml. Although it might be easy to enrich an oil, butter or cream with some CBD crystals; it is a lot more complex to produce an effective, professional and above all safe cream, emulsion or water-based gel. It took over 50 years of experience and a whopping 2 years of development to create our high quality CBD skincare line. Together with our partner, we now produce a line of 100% natural skincare products with all RAW ingredients from the hemp plant. The basic cream proves to be so effective, it is almost too good to be true.

Health is Wealth

We distinguish ourselves with an open and personal attitude, a Dutch no nonsense mentality and product that always remain close to the plant. That is the success of a properly working product.

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