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CBD cosmetics

CBD cosmetics

CBD empowered cream and CBD water based gel by DutchnaturalsTM

We produce a general purpose cream and waterbased gel of the highest quality possible, to be used for a wide variety of purposes and applications. The extract we use for our creams and gels are full plant extract and RAW, which adds a wide variety of cannabinoids and cannabinoid acids.

Our cosmetics smell vegetal, look natural, but work wonders. We guarantee.

  100% natural line of skin products with CBD, all RAW and FULL plant ingredients.

When we talk to our farmers with generations of experience, they claim there are more than 500 active ingredients in these extracts. We decided we want all of this inside the topical products. We have chosen a concentration of 250mg CBD per 100ml, just to make sure that all active ingredients are inside. Everybody can mix some oil or butter with CBD crystals, but it is pretty difficult to actually produce a real effective cream, emulsion or water based gel in a professional and responsible way. It took 50 years of experience in topicals by our partner and 2 years of experimenting. Together we produced a 100% natural line of skin products with all RAW CBD ingredients inside. The base cream has proven itself for years already and that’s why we think this combination really is too good to be true.


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We distinguish ourselves with an open and personal attitude, a Dutch no nonsense mentality and product that always remain close to the plant. That is the success of a properly working product.

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