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CBD Oil Experiences

25 de September, 2022Mert Gokceimam

Consumer CBD Oil Experiences and reviews

Everyone experiences CBD oil in a different way. First and foremost, because of the fact that consumers might have varying reasons to try CBD or hemp oil in general. But also because of the fact that all of our bodies react to cannabinoids differently. And there are many different forms, concentrations and doses of CBD hemp oil you can consume. Though as you can read below, you’ll find that most hemp oil consumers have positive experiences with CBD:

Why are CBD oil reviews so positive?

Let’s start by quickly explaining why CBD oil reviews are so positive. Because as you might’ve seen scrolling through our online CBD store, the consensus between consumers is that they experience that hemp supplements have a positive effect on their health and well-being.

This has to do with the unique interaction hemp’s cannabinoids (like CBD) have with our body’s own endocannabinoid-system. Complementing our immune system, while balancing out all important processes in the body. Ranging from pain and hunger all the way to our mental condition too. Discover more about this in: ‘How does CBD work: the endocannabinoid system (ECS) explained

Hemp oil taste according to consumers

Most CBD users will agree that hemp oil is not directly the tastiest substance on the planet. But if you compare DNH’s high quality CBD oils with other hemp oils on the market today; you’ll find that ours is definitely one of the better tasting ones. Offering a sweet, herbal taste with a little spice which we try to keep as close to the plant as possible. However, we also offer our regular hemp oil flavored with a hint of lemon or mint essential oil - or alternative CBD consumption methods - for those who really can’t stand the taste of CBD oil.

CBD Patches reviews and experiences

One of the alternatives to orally consumed hemp oil are CBD Patches. These are placed right onto the skin - on or around the affected area, or the upper arm - so there is no need to consume this product orally to experience relief. And according to the reviews we’ve received from customers who’ve tried them, our CBD Patches are believed to be highly effective and deliver long-lasting relief. Read more on our innovative topical CBD Patches in our blog: 'Highly effective CBD Topical Patches for long-lasting relief' or see the CBD Patches reviews below:

Easy to use and very effective. Made 2nd order for a friend, he no longer has knee and back problems.

Water soluble CBD effects according to consumers

Another high-rated alternative to regular CBD oil, is our water soluble CBDactive+. A cannabinoid product that has been processed so that it can be easily mixed in with any liquid, like water, tea or juice. Unlike regular hemp oil, which cannot be blended with liquids unless fat is added (like milk, butter or coconut oil).

An upside to CBDactive+ is that it is already bound to a lipoprotein - which makes it easier for your body to absorb. Providing consumers an amazingly potent effect, as 100% of the consumed cannabinoids reach the bloodstream. Compared to only 6-12% with the consumption of regular CBD oil. Other, more obvious benefits of CBDactive+ are that it’s relatively easy, and much tastier to consume, say its users:

Experiences with CBG oil

CBG oil is a product that looks a lot like CBD hemp oil, but provides users with other effects. As explained in our blog: ‘What is CBG Oil? Discover the difference between CBD and CBG', Cannabigerol (CBG) acts differently in the body than Cannabidiol (CBD) does. Which means that CBG oil effects vary a lot from the effects of CBD oil, according to its consumers.

Reviews of CBD for pain

Most CBD consumers use the vegetal supplement to soothe certain symptoms or increase their health or well-being in another way. However, the vast majority of CBD users consume the cannabinoid to decrease (chronic) pain. Wether it’s pain related to a chronic or rheumatic disease or an injury; CBD oil or other hemp products seem to have a positive effect on soothing it in some way. This is not only shown by the positive review on our CBD products, but these claims are backed up by a (growing) mountain of scientific research.

Experience with CBD for sports

While many people may associate CBD oil with diseases and patients, hemp oil is no longer for sick people only. As more and more (amateur) athletes are turning to cannabinoid supplements to help with their sports performance and recovery. Learn more about the benefits of CBD in sports in our blog: ‘CBD and sports: 5x how hemp oil helps with fitness and recovery‘ or read these customer’s experiences with CBD for sports:

CBD customer service reviews

Last but not least, we’re proud to see many positive reviews on our CBD customer service on our website. Because we invest a lot of time and effort in providing you with the best possible advice and recommendations in the field of cannabinoids; so that you experience the best possible effects with CBD oil or one of our other hemp supplements. Resulting in a 5-star Google rating based on an increasing amount of honest CBD reviews.

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