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Cannabis Oil 101: What it is, uses and alternatives

Cannabis Oil 101: What it is, uses and alternatives
Cannabis Oil 101: What it is, uses and alternatives

If you’re looking for a natural product to help improve your health and well-being, you’ll discover the term ‘cannabis oil’ sooner or later. The internet is filled with - sometimes incredible - stories about this substance. Ranging from people experiencing pain relief, to almost fairytale-like stories of curing horrible diseases; if we may believe these anecdotes. But what is cannabis oil exactly, what is it used for and what benefits do the alternatives - like CBD oil - offer?

What is cannabis oil?

Cannabis oil is, like the name suggests, a combination of cannabis and oil. Generally speaking it is produced by separating the active ingredients from cannabis buds using an alcohol- or gas-extraction. This extract is often thick and highly concentrated, so it is diluted for easier use and preciser dosing. Diluting cannabis oil is often done with a carrier oil like hemp seed oil, grape seed oil or coconut oil. 

Different kinds of cannabis oil

There are various forms of cannabis oil, made from different extracts and carrier oils; so each with their own unique composition of ingredients. This also means that all these different products may produce various effects in the body. Some of the most prevalent forms of weed oil are: 

  • Pure cannabis oil (pure cannabis extract)
  • THC Cannabis oil (diluted pure cannabis oil)
  • Weed oil without THC (also known as hemp oil or CBD oil)

Active ingredients

The active ingredients in the cannabis oil determine the effect the user experiences. The most important ones are cannabinoids (like THC and CBD) and terpenes. And where CBD oil (weed oil without THC) is known to offer a positive effect on the body and mind; without a psychoactive effect. Cannabis oil with THC could surprise you, on the other hand. 

Because THC, the dominant active ingredient in weed oil, is able to produce a psychoactive effect. Essentially this means you could get high or stoned from using it. And let’s be honest, not everyone would be happy about that. Especially not if you’re sick and trying to decrease your symptoms using a natural food supplement. 

Buying cannabis oil with THC

Moreover, cannabis oil with THC is generally produced in an illegal setting. And although the producer might’ve done his best, there is no guarantee that this product is safe to use. Also, the use of illegal and untested starting material means that the continuity and stability of the quality is not guaranteed either. So one day the product can contain 5%, while the next batch contains 45% THC. 

This is why we strongly advise to say no to ‘well-intended’ offers from the cannabis oil-making neighbor/friend/aunt or uncle. But rather choose a legal and safe form of cannabis oil: CBD oil.


CBD oil only contains trace amounts of THC, in comparison to cannabis oil with THC. Just enough to support the so-called entourage-effect on the endocannabinoid system (ECS). But not nearly enough to give you an annoying high or stoned experience. This way you can enjoy hemp to support your well-being in a safe and consumer-friendly way.

Also, always choose a trustworthy CBD supplier, like Dutch Natural Healing. Here the CBD oil is produced in an ISO certified facility, subjected to the highest quality standards; and tested to guarantee the safety and concentration of active ingredients. 

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Why use cannabis oil?

Cannabis oil is often used by people with insomnia, (chronic) pain, respiratory issues, digestive problems, side-effects of (the treatment against) cancer and lots of other diseases and ailments. And lot’s of these people say to experience relief from the cannabis product. 

Pure cannabis extracts are also known as RSO and cannabis paste; and are linked to the miraculous curing of (sometimes deadly) diseases. However, there is a lack of scientific evidence to back these claims up; and we discourage you to experiment with these products. 

Contact us for more information about safe cannabis oil without THC or to help select the right CBD oil for you.