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How to use and dose CBD oil drops easily without spilling?

05 de July, 2021Mert Gokceimam

While CBD hemp oil is one of the world’s most popular supplements at the moment; it’s still not the easiest product to use. Because as most of you might know, hemp oil is often used by dropping a few drops of the substance under the tongue. But how on earth are you supposed to take the stuff without spilling it everywhere? These are a few tips to save your hemp supplements from spillage - and help you dose CBD oil drops easily:

CBD oil drops

Hemp oil - as the name suggests - is an oily and often concentrated hemp paste mixed with hemp seed oil. It usually comes in 10ml, 20ml or 30ml flasks with varying cannabinoid contents. Regularly ranging from 275mg Cannabidiol (CBD) per 10ml, up to 2500mg or more per 10ml in a highly concentrated CBD oil. Though to get the most out of this cannabinoid’s possible effects on our health, a CBD dosage of a few mg’s (varying between 10-150mg on average per day) is often enough.

Consequently, CBD oil is often dosed ‘per drop’. Which on one hand makes it easy to calculate how many mg’s of the cannabinoid you’re taking. If you know how much one drop contains, that is. Considering not all producers disclose this information. However, this also makes dosing the substance somewhat difficult. Because the majority of CBD consumers will definitely agree, that getting the right amount of drops in the right place, can get messy sometimes.

Pipette bottle

The main reason behind that, is that CBD oil flasks are often equipped with a pipette dropper. As these help you get the oil out of the bottle a drop at a time. Though unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it looks to get the right amount of oil in the right place. Certainly not without enough practice; or when you’re physically not able or stable enough to carefully aim and drop the right amount of CBD oil drops under the tongue. 

To avoid spillage, stains and prevent a whole lot of frustration, here are a few ways you can easily use and dose CBD oil drops without spilling a bit: 

Use a mirror for CBD drops

If you’re a self-proclaimed pro and think you’ve got the magic aim; you can just wing it and look up while you squeeze some drops out of your pipette. Though even the pro’s know, this might go wrong every now and then. So to be safe, we suggest at least using a mirror to see if you’re anywhere near the mouth. Moreover, it helps you to accurately count the drops you’re taking. Preventing you from taking too much, or less than the desired dose.

Though we must admit that using a mirror is no guarantee. After all, it takes practice, stability and a weird stance to get your desired dose of CBD hemp oil in the right place.

Place drops on your hand or a spoon

So another way to easily use and dose hemp oil drops, is by dropping your desired amount on the back of your hand or a spoon; and then licking it up. This way you are sure that you won’t miss your mouth, and you won’t have nasty CBD oil stains all over your fresh white shirt. But while this technique might prevent unwanted spillage, it does not prevent ‘spillage’ completely.

As it is almost impossible to get every mg of Cannabidiol off from the spoon. Or you’d have to lick the spoon 100 times to get the sticky stuff off, which doesn’t make this a very consumer friendly way of using CBD. Though even more gets stuck on - and absorbed by - the skin of your hand. Leaving you with a minimal - but an unnecessary - loss of a few mg’s with each dose you take. 

CBD oil with spray-head for easy dosing

Last but not least, is one of our favorite ways of consuming CBD oil: with a spray-head. Because let’s be honest, there’s nothing more convenient than shaking the bottle, taking off a small cap and spraying your desired dose directly into the mouth. With each spray containing approx. 3 drops - depending on the viscosity of the oils - your perfect dose is literally at your fingertips. Forget the hassle with dropping CBD drops under the tongue, and simply order an optional spray head with your CBD oil next time. Available with all pipette bottles of hemp oil on

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